The PCX924HR-Mic adds a phantom-powered high-quality mic preamplifier to the feature set of the PCX924HR.
This dedicated DSP-powered stereo sound card extends the feature set of the PCX924HR , bringing new possibilities to
  • integrated voice tracking
  • voice over and
  • other editing applications.
A high-quality phantom-powered microphone pre-amplifier, combined with an analog compressor-limiter-expander, enables mix of voice and another audio source without the need of adding expensive external devices.

The PCX924HR-Mic also benefits from the characteristics of Digigram's new HR (High resolution) series of PCX sound cards. The HR series is the new industry standard for the most demanding applications in broadcast. State of the art sound quality, more features, more processing power, and greater flexibility for custom developments make the new generation the Number 1 choice for pro audio manufacturers and independent software vendors.


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