EtherSound AQONDA

Superb mic pre-amps / Convert up to 16 analog signals into as many EtherSound channels

AQONDA 8 and AQONDA 16 are remotely-controllable EtherSound™ audiobridges:

  • Convert up to 16 analog signals into as many EtherSound channels
  • Extract up to 16 EtherSound channels to 16 analog outputs
  • 2 models: AQONDA 8 (8-in/8-out) - AQONDA 16 (16-in/16-out)

Typical applications:

- Outside Broadcasting

AQONDA audio bridges offer an affordable "digital snake" solution with no compromise on audio quality.
Redundant ring capability will bring you peace of mind by guaranteeing 100% on-air time.
- Live Events

Build a large scale audio bus between the stage and front-of-house, providing audio quality from Digigram and remotely controllable preamps from popular digital consoles with EtherSound connectivity such as Studer™, Soundcraft™, Yamaha™ or Innovason™ consoles.
- Versatile Digital Snake

Through the very same ES-Giga network link, transport up to 512 audio signals plus the control and monitoring data for the entire system.
Don't be afraid of sharing your network with the lighting guys. The system is designed to give audio the top priority, whatever happens with the other encapsulated data.

Uncompromised quality in a small package

  • No compromise on audio quality: the inputs cover a linear gain range from microphone to line level
  • Extremely high end preamps
  • Preamps remotely controllable from popular digital consoles with EtherSound™ connectivity (e.g. Yamaha or Innovason consoles).
  • Made-to-last analog/network Neutrik™ connectivity.
  • Compact 2U 19-inch rack form factor, flawless build quality

Compatibility with existing EtherSound™ setups

While ES-Giga compatibility makes this EtherSound™ audio bridge future-proof, it is also perfectly compatible with existing ES-100 setups. A simple switch on the back panel will turn this ES-Giga workhorse into a regular ES-100 interface with no compatibility restrictions.

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