PYKO IP audio range

IP audio over shared networks

IP audio networks for transportation, industrial, broadcast STL links, public address and background music.
The PYKO ecosystem of professional IP audio devices will help you deploy and manage multizone IP audio networks efficiently.

  • PYKO-in converts mic (with phantom power) or line analog audio sources to high quality MP3 or PCM IP streams. This device can also be used in mono-in, mono-out mode for intercom in PCM or G711.
  • PYKO-out plays audio from standard MP3 or PCM IP streams or locally stored MP3 files.

    Both devices can be configured easily through simple html pages.
  • AudioManager VU allows for complex audio systems management: Discover, manage and supervise your PYKOs, combine heterogeneous elements (EtherSound, sound cards, etc.) [more...

pyko synoptic

Typical  Use Cases


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