The audio quality and reliability of Digigram's professional sound cards set industry standards in broadcast and other demanding pro audio markets such as archiving and logging, post-production, recording, and public address. In 1989, we developed the first professional PC sound card utilizing audio compression that enabled radio automation as we know it today, and ever since our innovations have driven the industry forward.

In concert with our Software Development Kit, our sound cards offer unique dedicated functions for the entire production chain of radio automation (field-recording, ingest, editing, production, live-assist, routing, play-out and logging). Our development partners integrate them in their solutions.

At the same time, our low-latency Wave, WDM DirectSound, ASIO, Linux and Core Audio drivers guarantee premium performance for applications working with standard audio drivers. You may refer to our sound cards comparison chart to compare features.

Some sound cards are available to our OEM development partners only.

Products available through our reseller network are labelled


Bus Format:  
Audio I/O types: Line Mic AES/EBU (or S/PDIF)
EtherSound CobraNet
Min number of inputs (mono):  
Min number of outputs (mono):  
Drivers: DirectSound Digigram ASIO
ALSA Wave Core Audio
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