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AQORD *HEVC-DEC/LE IP Video Decoding Platform

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Key Workflow: Based on the powerful HEVC codec, this robust platform guarantees premium video quality transport over low bandwidth networks of 4K and HD video content.

AQORD *HEVC-DEC/LE is a Hardware H.265/HEVC decoding platform dedicated to the transport of professional-grade 4K, HD and SD video. This product allows transport of high premium video picture quality over IP networks (satellite, fiber, xDSL) in order to bring live video contents from one location to another. Based on the HEVC video codec it decompresses IP input stream into raw video output to get back raw video contents to the studio or head-end. FEC guarantees 7/24 contribution for mission critical video transport.

For the 4K version: By leveraging the high performance of the HEVC/H.265 decompression algorithm, AQORD *HEVC-DEC/LE allows to transport Premium UHD or HD content with affordable bandwidth requirements on contribution networks. AQORD*HEVC-DEC/LE is also the solution for IPTV distribution in a building, arena, stadium to display UHD content on large TV screen and giant LED screen where low latency is an important criterion.

At a glance :

AQORD *HEVC-DEC/LE is used to transport Live video content from a broadcast event to the studio, between studios, or from one country to others.

  • Hardware H.265/HEVC decoding platform with SDI outputs
  • Cost-effective contribution of the 4K/UHD or HD resolution
  • Very compact form factor and very low power consumption
  • Robust transmission for mission critical contribution  
  • Managed by Web interface through network
  • Contribution over satellite and IP networks
  • IPTV distribution to local area
  • Support Unicast and Multicast IP streaming protocols

Key features

  • Portable HEVC Hardware Decoder
  • Ultra-high-resolution up to 4Kp60, 4.2.2, 10-bit, 50 Mbps
  • Low latency
  • Multi-audio encoding: up to 4 audios
  • Output raw video through 12G-SDI, monitoring SD-SDI and HDMI 2.0 connectors
  • Error correction FEC: recover lost packets during live transmission
  • Stream robust high quality video while significantly reducing data consumption
  • Reliable 24/7 streaming
  • Easy to use: Operated by non-specialists
  • Very low power consumption


logo-4k logo-hevc

        • Channel number: One 4K channel or 1 HD channels
  • Channel functions: Decoding
  • Video outputs:
    – Main 12G-SDI
    Secondary SD-SDI and CVBS (downscale of 12G-SDI)
  • Video output resolutions:
    720×480 59.94i, 720×576 50i
    1280×720 50, 59.94, 60p
    -1920×1080 30, 29.97, 25, 50, 59.94, 60i/p
    – 3840×2160 30, 29.97, 25, 50, 59.94, 60p*
  • Video specifications:
    HEVC Main 8-10bits, 4.2.0 / 4.2.2
    Video decoding rate: up to 50Mbits
  • Audio output: Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Audio
  • Audio specifications:
    Channels: 4 x 1-ch, 2 x 2-ch
    – Format: mono, stereo
  • Audio output: PCM SDI Embedded
  • IP Input/Output: 1 GbE RJ45, RTP-UDP/IP, Unicast/Multicast
  • Appliance management:
    Remote: web-based management, API
  • Other features:
    Pro-MPEG CoP#3 Forward Error Correction
    – Video scaler
    Genlock input*
  • Dimensions weight: 42.4 mm H x 202 mm W x 117.5 mm D, 1.1kg
  • Power supply:   
    Appliance input voltage: 20-50VDC (provided with external power adapter: 90-264VAC)
    Consumption (typical): 25W
  • Environmental spec.:
    Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C,
    Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Compliance:
    FCC Part 15, Class A
    – ROHS

* Coming soon: contact Digigram support team for more details


  • Reduces OPEX/CAPEX
  • HEVC/H.265 codec significantly reduces data consumption (up to 50 % compared to H.264)
  • Easy and efficient fleet management
  • Mission critical contribution for Reliable 24/7 streaming
    Error correction FEC: recover lost packets during live transmission
  • Simple and intuitive
    Easy to use: Operated by non-specialists, intuitive interface