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AQORD *LINK/LE IP Video Encoding/Decoding Platform



Key Workflow: this IP platform provides point to point video transportation over IP and satellite networks

AQORD *LINK/LE is a Hardware H.264 encoding/decoding platform dedicated to the transport of professional-grade SD and HD video. This superior encoding/decoding technology drives the transport of high video quality (premium picture quality) streams over IP networks (satellite, fibre, xDSL) from one location to another.

At a glance

AQORD*LINK/LE encoder enables users to broadcast from live events. Placing the encoder at the event, the source video is compressed and sent as a video stream over an IP link. The stream is received by an in-studio decoder which decompresses the source signal for accurate, high quality video production and delivery.  

  • Developed for television broadcasters streaming live events
  • Transport live high quality (premium picture quality) video content from a live event to the studio using IP networks (including satellite, fibre, and xDSL)
  • Up to 200x compression utilizes all available bandwidth and maintains high quality video and audio output
  • Zero dropped signal or interruptions

Key features

  • Compression technologies reduce video and audio data streams by a factor of 200 while maintaining video and audio quality.
  • Reliable 24/7 streaming
  • Affordable satellite link with KA-SAT network compatibility
  • Flexible: encoder/decoder in one easy-to-transport unit
  • Affordable entry level product 
  • Automatic error connect with FEC: automatically recovers lost or corrupted data
  • Dual Streaming for redundant always available link: redundant link with automatic fail over ensures safe, always available, high quality video transmission even in the event of a partial IP network failure
  • Centralized WiFi management: configure, manage, and operate AQORD *LINK/LE using standard WiFi-enabled devices including tablets, PCs, and smartphones. No special network configurations are required
  • Easy to use / easy to install
  • Manage by tier party monitoring system using XML API


hd-logo    logo-h-264

      • Channel: 1 channel
      • Channel function: Encoding, Decoding
      • Encoding function:
        – Input: SD/HD-SDI (SMPTE 292, 259M)
        – Output: MPEG2 Transport Stream over UDP-RTP/IP
      • Decoding function:
        – Input: MPEG2 Transport Stream over UDP-RTP/IP
        – Output: SD/HD-SDI (SMPTE 292, 259M)
      • Video resolutions:
        – SD = 720×480 60i, 720×576 50i,

   – HD: 1920×1080 60i, 1920×1080 50i, 1440×1080 60i, 1440×1080 50i, 1280×720 50p, 1280×720 60p

      • Video specifications:
        – H264/AVC Main Profile Level 3.0, High Profile Level 4.0
        – VBR, CBR, 4.2.0 8-bit

        – Video encoding/decoding rate: 0.5 to 20 Mbps
      • Audio specifications:
        – Encoding and Decoding formats: MPEG1 Layer 2 2-ch, AAC-LC 2-ch (optional)
      • Audio I/Os: AES / EBU inputs & outputs
      • IP Input/Output:
        – 2 GbE RJ45, RTP-UDP/IP, Unicast/Multicast
        – Stream up to 20 different IP addresses
    • Appliance Management:
      – Remote: Web based management, XML API, NTP
      – Low noise, Easy to use
      – WIFI Access Point
    • Security: Fan control, Temperature control
    • Others features:
      – Pro-MPEG CoP#3 Forward Error Correction (optional)
      – Dual Streaming (Redundant Streaming)
    • Dimensions/Weight: 19”, 1RU, 249mm depth; Weight 3.6 kg
    • Power supply:
      – Input Voltage Range: 100-240VAC
      – Power consumption: (Rated) 40W
    • Environmental Specifications:
      – Temperature: Operating 10°C TO 35°C, Storage -40°C TO 70°C
      – Humidity 85% non-condensing
    • Compliance:
      – EMC: EN55022, EN55024
      – Safety: EN 60950




  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX: with this affordable entry level unit. Encoding / decoding / compression technologies are all in-built
  • 200x compression: reduces expensive data consumption while maximizing video and audio quality
  • Completely interoperable: with most other hardware and software
  • Reliable 24/7 video streaming