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IQOYA *MOBILE for IP audio remote broadcasting

Key Workflow: IQOYA *MOBILE is the perfect professional broadcast App for Audio-over-IP reporter contribution using smartphones and tablets

IQOYA *MOBILE is a professional broadcast quality Live IP contribution application for use on Smartphones or Tablets. IQOYA*MOBILE performs as a true “studio-in-the-pocket” since the app also provides ultra-simple file Record, Edit, Broadcast and ftp transfer within the same package. Symmetric RTP mode allows for robust NAT traversal in all mobile networks, while ACIP compliance provides interoperability in homogeneous fleets relying upon SIP infrastructure. IQOYA*MOBILE also delivers superior end-to-end performance with IQOYA *CALL’s unique error concealment in studio side.

At a glance

IQOYA*MOBILE is simple to use for the reporter on-the-go: IQOYA *MOBILE calls the studio on fixed IP or SIP address using a 4 button operation

  • 2 buttons are dedicated to dialling favorite studio contact address and streaming audio source
  • 2 buttons allow either playing a pre-recorded file On Air, or recording via a microphone to a local file for later use while broadcasting
  • A simple file manager provides light on-the-field editing and ftp upload of recorded files
  • An administrator’s sub-menu provides for the selection of favorite studio contact address, technical configuration of network, audio and protocol formats of every studio contact address

Key features

  • Ease of use
  • IQOYA *MOBILE calls studio
  • Records, edits and plays a prerecorded file while On-air
  • 4 button operation
  • ftp transmission


  • Operates on all IP 3G/4G and WiFi networks
  • Robust Symmetrical RTP with return channel for NAT traversal
  • Smart signalling without SIP automatically detected by Digigram IQOYA *CALL and *CALL/LE
  • ACIP compliant SIP signalling and registrar


  • Broadcasts microphone or pre-recorded files
  • Includes smart file editor
  • Includes ftp transmission
  • Simultaneous dual IP streaming on available WiFi and 3G/4G networks
  • Large choice of interoperable encoding algorithms

Since studio side receiver is critical for performance, superior results are achieved when used end-to-end with the FluidIP recovery engine of IQOYA codecs.

IQOYA-MOBILE-iPhone 6-Digigram



  • Apple smartphones from iPhone 4 and iPad
  • Android platforms. Please consult Digigram for Smartphone or tablet compatibility. Needs Android 2.3.3 minimum for smartphones, 3.0 for tablets

Audio-over-IP codec

AoIP stream

  • RTP/UDP, full duplex, ADTS encapsulation

Symmetrical RTP mode

  • Needs a single public IP address & port with UDP protocol

ACIP mode

  • SIP signalling to negociate audio format. Studio registrar used for transmission

Jitter buffer

  • Two adjustable jitter buffers for 3G/4G and WiFi


Audio sources

  • Streams from Microphone or local prerecorded material

Encoding algorithms

  • ISO MPEG layer II,  ITU G.711/722,  MPEG4 AAC, AAC-HE, HE-AACv2, Opus

Sampling rate

  • 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz

File handling


  • Local PCM recording during Live broadcasting


  • Streams from local prerecorded material

Smart editing

  • Waveform selection in prerecorded material of On Air playback section

File publication

  • Push prerecorded file to ftp server


  • Ultra-mobile On Air solution: A remote studio in your pocket
  • Minimizes live broadcasting costs
  • Record and Edit everywhere: Simple editor and on-air audio broadcasting, including ftp upload
  • Create Broadcast quality: Broadcast encoding algorithms: G722, MPEG-L2, AAC, and OPUS (with SIP)
  • 100 % interoperability: full ACIP interoperability on SIP infrastructures