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IQOYA V*CALL Stereo IP Audio Codec

Key Workflow: IQOYA V*CALL is a professional studio software codec for remote IP audio contributions

IQOYA V*CALL offers simple hassle-free ergonomics to perform easy outgoing or incoming connection with any remote ACIP codec. This professional audio codec offers high quality audio via an on air console which is simply achieved through any professional soundcard such as Digigram VX222; virtual connection with your favourite editor or automation system providing on-the-fly voice track, ingest recording, or playback return to distant codecs with pre-recorded material or jingles; IP Studio interface performs seamless transcoding of program redistribution or return, in full compliance with your internal Audio-over IP infrastructure

At a glance

IQOYA V*CALL offers simple hassle-free ergonomics to perform easy outgoing or incoming connection to / from any remote codec.
IQOYA V*CALL relies on FluidIP™ to establish full duplex audio connections characterized by high broadcast quality:

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the perfect way to interconnect with any ACIP remote codec with a high level of security, worldwide
  • Alternatively, for small to medium codec fleets, IQOYA V*CALL can use the FluidIP™ Symmetrical RTP protocol to establish a simple and robust audio stream with minimum requirements for broadcasters’ IT network infrastructures

Key features

  • Quick & easy phone-like connection with remote talent, using SIP or FluidIP™ symmetrical RTP protocol
  • Super-fast dial-up and configuration via profiles & connection book management
  • Multiple connections with studio infrastructure
  • Remote control, diagnostic and IP metrics of distant IQOYA V*MOTE codec
  • Symmetrical RTP mode with auto-answer for simple infrastructures without SIP
  • Full duplex EBU Tech 3326 (ACIP) and Tech 3347 (I3P) interoperability
  • Robust FluidIP™ connection with jitter, loss, drift and FEC management
  • Complete selection of audio compression algorithms
  • Superior Fraunhofer™ error concealment
  • 100% software broadcast-quality IP audio solution
  • Windows™ XP, Vista, 7 compatible


  • IQOYA V*CALL license
  • USB dongle with Sentinel(r) version order

Straightforward use

  • Pushbutton phone-like connection with direct profile selection
  • Auto-accept incoming calls
  • Compatible with Digigram sound cards and WDM Kernel streaming compatible 3rd party devices (please consult Digigram for compatibility)
  • Remote control of V*MOTE Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and ON AIR signalling
  • Monitors connection status & IP metrics of local codec and distant IQOYA V*MOTE
  • Diagnostic window with exportable connexion Logs
  • Easily drag-and-drop new profiles, even for remote Talent

Adapts to all sizes of broadcast infrastructures

  • RTP/UDP IP audio, SIP/SDP, VoIP phone compatible and EBU Tech-3326 (ACIP) compliant
  • Manual mode 1: SIP used for format negociation only, without SIP server
  • Manual mode 2: Symmetrical RTP to overcome tricky NAT traversal situations or infrastructures without SIP
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) +20 to +100 % bandwidth, according to RFC 2733
  • QoS configuration in Network Profiles
  • STUN and SIP-over-TCP protocol for NAT traversal assistance
  • Bandwidth optimization through independent encode/decode formats
  • Included compression algorithms : PCM linear 16/24, ISO MPEG-1/2 L1, L2, L3 and ITU G.711/722, Fraunhofer(TM) MPEG-4 (AAC-LC, AAC-ELD and LD, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2)
  • Optional compression algorithm: Enhanced-aptX

Smart interfaces with studio infrastructures

  • Sends the receive stream to a virtual DirectSound channel to feed Automation or Editing applications
  • Sends back the return stream from any DirectSound compatible application.
  • Sends and transcodes the received stream for Multicast or Unicast LAN IP redistribution
  • Transcodes and sends back any Multicast or Unicast LAN IP return stream
  • Create and manage Profiles entries for Audio and Network format in the connection book.
  • Straightforward Configuration & Administration
  • Administrator or End-User modes, password protected
  • Available both in Sentinel™ Dongle and Dongle free versions. Dongle free version is tied to user’s computer MAC address.

System requirements

  • PC with one free USB port (sentinel dongle version)
  • WDM Kernel streaming compatible sound card

• Windows XP (SP2 or later, with .NET framework 3.5 installed), Vista, Windows 7, 32 and 64 bits


Pushbutton-like codec selection and dial-up


Smart monitoring of distant codec IP metrics


Simple Connexion Book and Profiles build-up


  • High quality Broadcast-grade Audio Connections
  • Extremely simple to set up and operate due to advanced ergonomics
  • 100 % ACIP interoperable for seamless integration of ACIP third parties codecs
  • The flexibility of software solutions: allows virtual connection with your favourite editor or automation system
  • IP Studio interface allows seamless transcoding for program redistribution or return in your IP infrastructure