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IQOYA *VIP: Advanced broadcast multichannel Audio-over-IP software
New product

Key Workflow

IQOYA *VIP software provides high-end simultaneous multichannel and multi-streams Audio over IP encoding, decoding, and transcoding functionalities.

At a glance

Capable of accepting all major broadcast audio formats, IQOYA *VIP features stereo and multichannel audio I/O. It accommodates up to 32 stereo virtual sound card devices, and offers multiple simultaneous encode/decode functionality, with support for major AoIP streaming protocols

Use case example


Key features

  • Simultaneous Encoding / Decoding, with superior Transcoding capabilities
  • Multiple streams encoding capability
  • Multiformat IP live streaming, including RTP/UDP, MPEG-TS, and Icecast/SHOUTcast
  • ACIP-compliant IP audio codec (EBU Tech3326)
  • Stereo Audio or Multi-channel I/O
  • Web server GUI for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Running as Windows & Linux* services
  • Windows WASAPI and ASIO* drivers



Who needs it?

IQOYA *VIP is designed for System Integrators and technical end-users
SDK and API are accessible for OEM Development Partners under OPP contract terms.

AoIP streaming protocols

  • RTP/UDP, ACIP, MPEG-TS/IP, Icecast/Shoutcast/HLS*
  • SIP signalling*

Stereo and multichannel audio I/0

  • Up to 32 stereo virtual audio devices (DVAD)

Encode/decode channels

  • Encode: up to 8 simultaneous encoding per program (audio format and/or streaming protocol, performances depend of hardware platform)
  • Decode: one program decoded from any supported protocol


  • FluidIP redundant dual streaming with time-diversity
  • Decoding backup Priorities (stream or local playlist/file)
  • Audio formats : Fraunhofer MPEG4-AAC , MPEG-L2/3, OPUS, Qualcomm aptX, PCM, G711, G722
  • Transport of auxiliary data


Windows WASAPI and ASIO, Linux ALSA driver*


Audio FX insert capacity*


* coming soon




IQOYA *VIP Engine IQOYA *VIP Streamer
Streaming Protocols RTP/UDP, ACIP, MPEG-TS/IP, Icecast/Shoutcast/HLS Icecast/Shoutcast/HLS
Encoding Capability
Max nb of encoding per source pgm 8 4
Decoding Capability
Transcoding Capability
Major Audio Algorithms
Enhanced apt-X
Processing option




Concerns With IQOYA *VIP
Creates cost-effective and flexible live-streaming, processing, and encoding systems A single software simultaneously provides for encoding/decoding/transcoding and delivers multiple audio content to transmitter sites, WEB radio CDNs, multiplexers, and other studios, in multiple audio formats
Same performance level as hardware-based solutions To ensure the quality and continuity of each audio stream, IQOYA *VIP features Digigram’s FluidIP redundant dual streaming with time diversity and relies on the IP audio engine used in award-winning IQOYA equipments
Easy integration in third parties applications Development partners can implement IQOYA *VIP simply with a Windows or Linux installer and subsequently configure and control the software through a web services API.
Pay as you grow, from 1 to 32 engines or streaming channels IQOYA *VIP can integrate seamlessly with any audio-software solution on a physical PC platform, as well as on virtual machines.
Large scale operation of multiple streaming channels Full management through API for remote administration and integration to overall workflow