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IQOYA *VIP: Advanced broadcast multichannel Audio-over-IP software
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At a glance

Digigram’s IQOYA *VIP is unique in simultaneously providing encoding, decoding, and transcoding capacity (for both Windows and Linux applications) and delivering multiple audio content to transmitter sites, web radio CDNs, multiplexers, and other studios in multiple audio formats via multiple protocols. The software service offers the same robustness as hardware-based solutions but is infinitely more cost-effective, scalable, and flexible.

Using IQOYA *VIP to access and leverage Digigram’s renowned AoIP streaming technology as a software service, ecosystem partners can more quickly create their own live streaming, processing, and encoding systems. By integrating seamlessly with third-party applications and simplifying integration of IP streams, IQOYA *VIP brings added value to automation system providers and radio stations.

Use case example


Typical uses

  • Create multiple local programs by inserting various local contents to a national IP audio feed
  • Smoothly insert live contributions into programs using IP
  • Stream directly from automation systems
  • Offer new transcoding and routing services as a service provider


Key features

  • Simultaneous Encoding / Decoding, with superior Transcoding capabilities
  • Encoding of up to 64 channels (32 stereo) and decoding up to 64 channels (32 stereo)
  • IP Transcoding of up to 64 channels (32 stereo)
  • Allows connecting up to 32 software stereo players and 32 software stereo recorders
  • WASAPI, DirectSound, ASIO, and Linux Alsa interfaces
  • Encode in multiple formats and stream in multiple protocols
  • Supported streaming protocols RTP/UDP, MPEG-TS, and Icecast/SHOUTcast
  • Supported signaling protocol SIP
  • ACIP-compliant IP audio codec (EBU Tech3326)
  • Stereo Audio or Multi-channel I/O
  • Running as Windows & Linux services
  • Operated through a web GUI or a web service API

Who needs it?

IQOYA *VIP is designed for System Integrators and technical end-users
SDK and API are accessible for OEM Development Partners under OPP contract terms.



AoIP streaming protocols

  • RTP/UDP, ACIP, MPEG-TS/IP, Icecast/SHOUTcast

AoIP signaling protocol

  • SIP

Stereo and multichannel audio I/0

  • Up to 32 stereo virtual audio devices (DVAD)

Encode/decode channels

  • Encode: up to 8 simultaneous encoding per program (audio format and/or streaming protocol, performances depend of hardware platform)
  • Decode: one program decoded from any supported protocol


  • FluidIP redundant dual streaming with time-diversity
  • Decoding backup Priorities (stream or local playlist/file)
  • Audio formats : Fraunhofer MPEG4-AAC , MPEG-L2/3, OPUS, Qualcomm aptX, PCM, G711, G722
  • Transport of auxiliary data


Windows WASAPI and ASIO, Linux ALSA driver*

*Coming soon



IQOYA *VIP Engine IQOYA *VIP Streamer
Streaming Protocols RTP/UDP, ACIP, MPEG-TS/IP, Icecast/SHOUTcast Icecast/SHOUTcast
Encoding Capability
Max nb of encoding per source pgm 8 4
Decoding Capability
Transcoding Capability
Major Audio Algorithms
Qualcomm® aptX™




Concerns With IQOYA *VIP
Easily integrate IP streaming, encoding and transcoding in your broadcast audio applications A single software simultaneously provides for encoding/decoding/transcoding and delivers multiple audio content to transmitter sites, WEB radio CDNs, multiplexers, and other studios, in multiple audio formats
Build cost-effective, flexible and scalable systems based on the robustness of Digigram Fluid IP streaming engine To ensure the quality and continuity of each audio stream, IQOYA *VIP features Digigram’s FluidIP redundant dual streaming with time diversity and relies on the IP audio engine used in award-winning IQOYA equipments
Easy integration in third parties applications Development partners can implement IQOYA *VIP simply with a Windows or Linux installer and subsequently configure and control the software through a web services API.
Pay as you grow, from 2 to 64 channels to encode and/or decode IQOYA *VIP can integrate seamlessly with any audio-software solution on a physical PC platform, as well as on virtual machines.