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Case Study – La Télé

Digigram Video-over- IP Solution empowers local broadcaster to showcase democracy-in- action to the Swiss people


Switzerland is a nation empowered by democracy. Its parliament, the Federal Assembly, is bi-cameral and composedof two houses: the 200-seat National Council and the 46-seat Council of States. As representatives for the country’s 26 cantons, the elected officials of the Federal Assembly are responsible for the legislation which governs Switzerland’s 8.25 million citizens. Those citizens rely on Swiss television and radio stations, including Swiss regional television broadcaster La Télé,to keep them closely informed of critical government news and activities.The Challenge La Télé, a privately owned regional television broadcaster based in Lausanne, serves the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Fribourg.
As part of the Télésuisse association of broadcasters, its remit includes the reporting of political and economic news to its broad base of viewers. Recently, La Télé made the decision to augment present infrastructure to allow the station to broadcast Swiss parliamentary sessions, either live or delayed, not only on its own station but also shared with other Télésuisse association members. It also desired a solution that could conduct live multi-unicast broadcasts; that enabled seamless sharing of programs, news reports, and related content among other regional television broadcasters; that future-proofed any investment by allowing easy scaling and flexibility to meet new requirements; and that could be quickly and easily deployed.

Importantly, any new solution must also facilitate Video-over- IP to minimize operating costs, while maintaining broadcast quality video even at extremely low bitrates.

François Vittoz, Technical Manager at La Télé, analyzed a number of possible solutions. Fortunately, he discovered Digigram Video-over- IP solutions.

The Solution

To achieve its broadcast objectives, La Télé harnessed the power of Digigram AQORD*LINK. A single Digigram encoder / decoder has been deployed at three local Swiss TV stations including La Télé, CANAL 9 and Tele Ticino. Today, AQORD*LINK empowers the transmission of live or delayed broadcasts of Switzerland’s parliamentary sessions. Local storage on the AQORD encoder (HDD) enables sessions to be recorded for backup exchange, as well as the possibility of delaying broadcasts to meet scheduling requirements.

AQORD*LINK also enables all three broadcasters to achieve instantaneous streaming video content over IP Internet networks from the Parliament’s on-site Bern Studio.

Excellent Quality

François explains why La Télé chose the Digigram solution:

“The Digigram AQORD *LINK VoIP solution provides excellent picture quality with no dropped frames, and has proved to be very reliable in its operation,” he says. “The ease of use of the AQORD through its predefined profiles, as well as its interoperability with equipment from other suppliers, were key criteria in our purchasing decision.”

The Digigram AQORD *LINK VoIP solution provides excellent picture quality with no dropped frames, and has proved to be very reliable in its operation.”

François Vittoz,Technical Manager, La Télé

François also explains that “Digigram met the very short project deadlines we had for setting up the new infrastructure.”

La Télé and its broadcasting partners also benefit from packet loss management systems using FEC standards, solution’s scalability by enabling quick future upgrades from SD to HD (and 1 channel to 2 channel), and low total cost of ownership.

“Digigram technologies provided the exact solution we required,” Francois states. With Digigram VoIP innovation, and La Télé, Swiss citizens are now kept fully informed of their Parliament’s activities.


Industry: Television broadcasting

– Required VoIP broadcasting solution to transmit live or delayed broadcasts from Swiss Parliament
– Needed to share video content among other local broadcasters
– Required highest standards of broadcast quality even when streaming over low Internet bitrates
– Required quick implementation and low TCO

– Digigram Video-over IP solution incorporating
– Digigram AQORD*LINK


– Excellent Video Quality – even when streaming over Internet infrastructure with low bitrates
– No dropped frames
– Ability to record simultaneous sessions
– Live or delayed content delivery thanks to inbuilt hard drive
– Easily share streaming video live or delayed content among other broadcasters
– Quick implementation and deployment; easy to use
– Low TCO