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Case Study – Media Broadcast

Broadcasting innovator leverages Digigram Technology to offer AoIP-based services, with confidence



Germany’s Media Broadcast, part of the TDF Group, plans, installs and operates multimedia transmission platforms for domestic and international television and radio companies. As an industry innovator, Media Broadcast manages an ATM-based managed contribution network. Many broadcast customers, particularly those who are ‘IP-minded’, are increasingly demanding highly reliable audio-over- IP (AoIP) services.


Media Broadcast customers were demanding innovative yet proven resources for AoIP contribution of intercom and commentary accompanying live video broadcasts. To meet his demand, Media Broadcast required an IP-based audio encoding/decoding solution that could offer both 24/7 reliability and the highest possible fidelity.

To deliver AoIP services to its clients with complete confidence, the company needed a robust solution that would also provide fully managed state-of- the-art streaming, numerous redundancy options, and stable audio transport, while also assuring low latency.

Jean-Louis Degoul, Head End Lead Buyer for TDF Group, and responsible for locating an appropriate solution, knew that high quality would play a key factor in the search: “Our solutions are based first and foremost on quality,” he explained. “That means one-hundred percent reliability combined with the highest possible audio quality.”

Following careful research, Degoul chose advanced Digigram AoIP technologies.


TDF Group worked closely with Digigram to match appropriate technologies to Media Broadcast AoIP requirements. The Group selected Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC. This is a single-unit rack-mounted codec fully dedicated to intercom applications, coordination circuits, and voice commentary.

The dual channel full-duplex IP audio device offers G711 and G722 audio codecs along with features such as stream jitter management, FEC, QoS, and error concealment. The resulting high quality is characterized by back-to- back latency of under 30 ms for robust, efficient communications in mission-critical live applications.

Prior to deployment, Digigram technical engineers listened carefully to Media Broadcast requirements, as well as those for its present and future customers. Based on that understanding, Digigram personnel tailored the IQOYA*LINK/IC to perfectly meet the needs of TDF Group.

High Performance for Confidence

Mr. Degoul recognizes that the Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC codec provides a proven capability for Media Broadcast and its end-customers.

“The Digigram IP products were a perfect match for the demanding specifications posed by TDF,” he states. “We required one-hundred percent reliability combined with the highest possible audio quality.

“The range of Digigram IP transport products offers extremely low latency, excellent audio transport stability, and numerous redundancy options. Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC fulfils our most stringent criteria for developing high quality, reliable audio-over- IP services. It is a solution we can present to our clients with complete confidence.”

“Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC fulfils our most stringent criteria for developing high quality, reliable audio-over- IP services. It is a solution we can present to our clients with complete confidence.”

Jean-Louis Degoul TDF Group Head End Lead Buyer
RTBF, Head of Digitization Division

Media Broadcast and its customers also benefit from IQOYA*LINK/IC user-friendly management (via HTML or SNMP). The Digigram codec is also highly cost-effective.

Today, Media Broadcast can confidently provide its many IP-minded customers with AoIP services, knowing that it can rely on the high performance and proven quality of Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC.


Industry: Television and radio broadcasting full service provider

– End-customers demanded proven AoIP services including contribution of intercom and commentary for live broadcasts
– Required robust, high performance, easy to manage solution

– Digigram IQOYA*LINK/IC


– Fully-managed, reliable, state of the art audio streaming with full redundancy options
– High performance, high quality, stable audio transport over IP
– All features to operate on a large managed network
– Fully tailored to meet specific use case requirements
– Stream jitter management
– Back-to- back latency < 30ms
– Easy to manage, quick to deploy
– Cost-effective