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Digigram CEO Message

This year Digigram entered its fourth decade as a developer of innovative audio solutions. Although a lot has changed over the past 30 years, both inside the company and across the media ecosystem, the fundamental focus of Digigram has remained constant.

We’ve always been dedicated to listening to our customers and proposing solutions that help them overcome new challenges and capitalize on new opportunities while reducing the cost and complexity of their operations.

This commitment is truly part of Digigram’s DNA, and we work hard to make sure that it’s evident in both the way we work with customers and the solutions we bring to market.

Digigram isn’t a large company, and that’s one reason why we’re able to maintain direct, personal, and lasting connections with our customers. This is an enormous source of pride for us. It means we can offer honest and informed advice, based on our understanding of the customer’s business and workflow, and respond quickly and responsibly with support when it’s needed.

A recent market study confirmed our customers’ high regard for our products and service, and yet we’re continually working to be an even better partner to customers as they navigate a rapidly evolving and often challenging environment.

With the insight we’ve gained through meaningful long-term relationships with our customers, we develop and deliver the mission-critical solutions they need for the contribution, production, and safe distribution of digital content. In a sense, we translate our customers’ needs into solutions — forward-looking solutions that increase their flexibility, agility, and productivity.

From early participation in the revolution of radio with the introduction of our sound cards to current delivery of advanced IP-based audio solutions, this approach has allowed Digigram to grow into a world-leading provider of technologies that support the digital media industries.

Over the years, we’ve built trust with our customers and a reputation for excellence by introducing reliable, high-quality sound cards, EtherSound audio networks, audio processing software, and IP audio and video codecs. These products are used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters, and industrialists all over the world to ensure that content is delivered securely, on-time, and uncompromised, and we see this as a powerful measure of our success. With extensive OEM experience and many years working with the aeronautics, public transport, military, and many other sectors, we’ve shown that we can adapt and offer a perfectly customized solution for virtually any audio application.

With unrivalled knowledge of digital and IP technologies and our early involvement in the development of norms and standards, including AES67 and Ravenna, we’ve been able to provide a wide range of solutions that address our customers’ specific requirements. No matter where our customers are located, we’re delighted to offer them our unique expertise in managing IP and digital technologies so that they can transition smoothly to a seamless, cost-effective IP-based workflow while maintaining outstanding audio quality.

Today, still fueled by an ethos of innovation, Digigram R&D is harnessing cloud computing technologies to drive ever greater efficiencies for our customers. Such cloud-based integrated solutions, meshed with secure, robust hardware, will empower our customers to manage audio and visual content from anywhere, at any time.

As you might imagine, this is an exciting time to be part of Digigram. We continue to release pioneering products and solutions that open new doors for our customers. With a remarkable and dedicated team supporting this work, I think we can expect further success — for us and our clients — in the years to come.