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Pascal Malgouyard and Martin Dutasta from Digigram walk us through Digigram’s new cloud based system, blu by digigram.blu by digigram is a secured cloud-based service that allows multiple, simultaneous contributions from journalists, expert voice talents, and remote presenters with just a single click .

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Pascal Malgouyard, Head of Marketing at Digigram, tells us at the NAB show 2017 why are Digigram Audio over IP codecs different from the competition. Because they are full IP, have a great audio quality and IP reliability thanks to combined Digigram expertise. And because IT is the pillar of all our product developments, offering hardware, software and cloud solutions.

Nancy DIAZ CURIEL is Digigram APAC Sales Manager, she is based on Digigram’s office in Singapore. At the NAB Show 2017, she reveals what is of the hottest topic in Asia at the moment: Digigram multichannel platforms!

Christelle SAVORGNANI, Digigram EMEA and Americas Sales Manager, reveals at the NAB Show 2017 what is Digigram biggest challenge in 2017: to become one of the top three Audio over IP codecs manufacturer!

Karine LOGUT is Digigram Sales Operation Manager. At the NAB Show 2017, the company introduces two major innovations to the US market: its MPX option for all its codecs and blu by digigram!

Digigram has launched in 2008 the audio over IP codec range IQOYA dedicated to outside broadcasting and distribution. Stephane BERT, Digigram Product Manager for the IQOYA range explains at the NAB Show 2017 the signification of the name “IQOYA”.