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EtherSound EScontrol

Software application EScontrol

Key Workflow: Control of the EtherSound routing and of Digigram EtherSound products

EScontrol is a client/server application for management of audio routing and additional functions of Digigram’s EtherSound range of products.

At a glance

EScontrol application allows configuring one or several EtherSound networks, and setting the parameters of Digigram EtherSound products. It is composed of a server software component and a client GUI application that can both be installed on the same PC or on two PCs. The PC hosting the server module must be connected to the EherSound network.

Key features

  • Client / server application
  • Manages the routing of any EtherSound network
  • Manages the specifc parameters of Digigram EtherSound products
  • Supports Windows 32 bits and 64 bits

ES-Soft1-Digigram      ES-soft-Digigram

  • Delivered free of charge with Digigram EtherSound products
  • Single point of control for the entire network. Management of multiple EtherSound networks in the same window.
  • Server application
    • Connected to the controlled EtherSound network(s) via non dedicated Ethernet.
  • Client application
    • Multi-client application
    • Connection to the server from anywhere via TCP/IP network (Internet). Possibility for remote system management and diagnosis.
    • Straightforward matrix interface
    • Example of additional controls: ES8mic mic preamps: gain, phantom power, low and high pass filters, compressor/limiter parameters
    • GPIO control
    • Automated network discovery accelerates system set-up
    • Saves network-wide EtherSound configurations for instant reload
  • OS supported: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
  • Stand-alone mode for off-line design of an EtherSound network.


  • Allows to remotely control an EtherSound network
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Free application