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🔥Black Friday🔥 Unmissable deals on PYKO’s with 25% OFF

Black Friday is here!

From November 25 to December 3 only!

     ✔  Perfect for Web Radio, STL & Ambient store audio / Intercom 
     ✔  3 decoding priorities with automatic failover 
     ✔  Digigram’s audio quality for a very low price

PYKO-in Stereo IP Audio encoder

PYKO-in is a stereo IP audio encoder that can be used in two modes. One mode allows converting the analog audio source into an IP audio stream sent to one or several destinations. Typical applications include STL, WEB radio encoding, background music, and paging. Combined with PYKO-out, PYKO-in is a cost effective solution for establishing IP audio links. Another mode allows using PYKO-in as a mono encoder/decoder; typical applications include intercom over IP.

PYKO-out Stereo IP Audio decoder

PYKO-out is a small form factor rack-mountable stereo IP audio decoder. It features two balanced analog mono outputs and a USB port for storing local playlists on a USB memory stick. It decodes standard RTP streams in G711, G722, PCM, MPEG L3, or AAC-LC and HE AAC audio formats and allows for auxiliary data tunneling (serial data, and 4 GPI statuses). PYKO-out also offers three decoding priorities with automatic failover, and can be remotely controlled through ASCII commands sent through TCP.

990€ 790€ FOR A PAIR



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