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Digigram Broadcast Asia Show 2016

Digigram Broadcast Asia Show 2016

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Date: 2016-05-11

At Broadcast Asia 2016, Digigram will present on its booth #5F6-06 (Level 5), IP solutions that help broadcasters around the world to improve their productivity, flexibility, and program quality. Digigram experts will show the company’s latest innovations in IP audio codecs, codec fleet management and monitoring in the cloud, as well as Audio-over-IP (AoIP),  sound cards for IP studio migration and intelligent IP middleware for AoIP contribution. Digigram will also showcase its new AQORD 4K Ultra HD HEVC Video-over-IP encoder.

IP Video Solutions


AQORD 4K Ultra HD HEVC & AQORD Multi HD HEVC encoders

Digigram’s new AQORD HEVC encoders range helps production operations to reduce the cost of high-volume data transport by encoding either one UHD signal or multiple HD raw video signals in real time using the new HEVC video compression standard. The unit is intended for use in point-to-point broadcast contribution, such as when transporting video from a live event to the studio. Its unique combination of size and functionality makes it particularly valuable for contribution applications in space-constrained OB vans. The HEVC encoder fits into a 19-inch short-depth chassis that uses just one rack unit of space — the same form factor as a standard contribution encoder. Such a form factor reduces power consumption and takes up less room inside an OB van. The appliance ingests video from SDI inputs, encodes one raw UHD video signal or up to four simultaneous raw HD video signals using HEVC, then streams the encoded video-over-IP to the broadcaster’s production base.

IP Audio Solutions

Thanks to the company’s unrivalled expertise in digital and IP technologies, and to its early involvement in the development of norms and standards including AES67 and RAVENNA, Digigram is able to provide a wide range of solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements.

IP Audio Codecs

IQOYA *SERV/LINK Multiple-Stereo or Multichannel Audio-Over-IP Codec for Audio Contribution Networks, SSL, STL, DVB, and Web Radio Program Distribution

Digigram’s IQOYA *SERV/LINK codec incorporates multiple distribution codec instances and the company’s advanced FluidIP™ technology on a single, hardware-based processing platform to simplify the transport of multiple audio programs (mono, stereo, multichannel) over IP networks in a high-density format. Designed for radio broadcasting and for intercom and commentary for both radio and TV, the IQOYA *SERV/LINK codec allows users to configure multiple-stereo or multichannel solutions for links between studios and between the studio and transmitters, DVB operators, or content delivery networks.

In its compact 1-RU version, the solution can handle up to eight stereo analog channels, 16 stereo AES/EBU channels, 64 stereo MADI channels or multichannel LAN IP audio interfaces (Livewire™ and AES67/RAVENNA), and up to 64 stereo codecs with multiple GPIOs and RS-232 ports for auxiliary data tunneling. The scalability of the system allows users to expand the supported audio I/Os, and a larger 4-RU version provides even higher channel density. The solution supports analog, AES, MADI, Livewire, or AES67/RAVENNA audio connectivity and multiple audio codecs (PCM, MPEG L2 and L3, AAC, Opus, and aptX® Enhanced), and it is one of the industry’s few audio-over-IP codecs that can simultaneously stream raw RTP, HTTP, and MPEG-TS/IP streams.

IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE Audio-Over-IP Codecs for SSL and STL Applications

The IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE codecs are full-duplex encoding and decoding solutions that provide uncompromising performance for IP-based studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links, as well as audio program delivery to DVB operators. Developed in collaboration with major European telcos, the IQOYA *LINK/LE codec is a cost-effective version of Digigram’s full-featured IQOYA *LINK codec that gives broadcasters the benefit of 24/7 reliability, audio format flexibility, ease of use, and affordability.

Based on FluidIP™ technology, the smart IP audio-streaming engine developed by Digigram, both IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE boast high, field-proven mean time between failures (MTBF), very low back-to-back latency, and a host of state-of-the-art features that guarantee audio quality and continuity. An intuitive Web-based user interface simplifies configuration, control, and monitoring, and gives users access to real-time metrics on the network.

IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio in Outside Broadcast Applications

Digigram will highlight IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE codecs, which allow users to build reliable low-latency IP audio contribution links while keeping costs under control. These codecs are utilized by Digigram’s Mobile Studio and Ultra Mobility solutions, which bring professional quality to full-duplex connections between a remote site and a studio. IQOYA *CALL protects the investment of broadcast institutions within large fleets of heterogeneous ACIP EBU Tech 3326-compatible equipment managed by SIP infrastructure. Its front panel enables simple and straightforward usage in all outside broadcast situations. IQOYA *CALL/LE is a cost-effective and versatile addition to the IQOYA range of IP codecs. It easily provides full-duplex IP audio sessions over the Internet and wireless connections, thanks to its smart signaling and hassle-free symmetric RTP connection mode.

IQOYA *CLOUD Web App for Managing and Monitoring Codecs in the Cloud

IQOYA *CLOUD is an innovative new codec-management system from Digigram. Accessible from anywhere via the Web browser of any connected device, the application dramatically simplifies deployment and day-to-day operation of the full codec fleet. Combined with Digigram SIP Broadcast Infrastructure, which includes the stream relay and presence server, this application provides efficient real-time monitoring of all registered broadcast audio-over-IP codecs across the network. With this centralized, cloud-enabled tool, control-room operators can accept and initiate calls; monitor current codec status; deploy, configure, and reconfigure codecs on the fly; and take action in the event of network faults and failovers to ensure the availability and continuity of high-quality broadcasts.

Reporter Pack: Go Live in Broadcast Quality From Your Mobile Phone!

Digigram’s IQOYA *MOBILE and Q-Mic products together enable field reporters to use their smartphones and tablets to deliver full-duplex live audio contributions to a newsroom or a production studio. The IQOYA *MOBILE app (iOS and Android™) facilitates remote audio-over-IP field broadcasting, with the Q-Mic preamp assuring that the input has the high-quality boost essential for professional production.

With this practical, reliable, and affordable ultra-mobility solution from Digigram, journalists no longer require bulky, expensive equipment to record and transmit professional-quality audio reports on the spot. All that is required is an Internet connection (3G/4G or Wi-Fi®).

Transforming a smartphone or tablet into a high-quality AAC, MPEG L2, or Opus IP codec and recorder/editor, IQOYA *MOBILE allows journalists to record audio, edit it, and send it to the studio either live over IP or via FTP.When IQOYA *MOBILE is associated with IQOYA *CALL/LE, *CALL, or V*CALL AoIP codecs on the studio side, Digigram’s FluidIP™ decoding technology provides the packet reordering, missing-packet replacement, error concealment, and smart clock synchronization critical to high-quality audio.


In a 2016-only promotion, Digigram is facilitating contribution over IP by offering one IQOYA application, IQOYA *MOBILE, and one Q-Mic preamp for free with the purchase of any of its IQOYA *CALL or IQOYA *CALL/LE IP audio codecs.

IP Audio Sound Cards

LX-IP PCIe® Sound Card — An Ideal Bridge Between the PC and Audio-Over-IP

The LX-IP PCIe® sound card serves as the perfect bridge between the PC and audio-over-IP worlds, enabling a seamless migration to IP, secure content delivery with the same latency as digital audio, and interoperability with other audio protocols. This Digigram sound card provides a very high channel density (up to 256 channels), features very low latency (down to one audio sample per IP packet), and is phase-accurate, supporting straightforward migration of the studio to IP thanks to its zero-delay MADI interface option.

Ideal for high-density audio production or automation applications in radio and TV broadcast studios, this solution makes it easy for users to record and play as many as 64 audio-over-IP RAVENNA/AES67 channels simultaneously in and out of a desktop computer. Boasting ultra-low, round-trip latency down to 1 millisecond, interoperability with all AES67 requirements, an embedded 64 x 192 switching matrix, Grandmaster PTP clock abilities, and high redundancy assured by two Gigabit Ethernet connections, this reliable hardware solution enables broadcasters to maintain high performance regardless of the computational load presented by other applications running on the host system.

The LX-IP card is being used by key industry players as a bridge to enable their AES67 migration.

PCX-IP and VX-IP Livewire™ Sound Cards

Digigram PCX-IP Livewire™ and VX-IP Livewire sound cards are the perfect bridges between radio automation and Axia® Livewire networking audio systems. Either PCX-IP Livewire or VX-IP Livewire is a must when connecting a radio automation system to an Axia console, as each provides mission-critical, low-latency audio delivery and instant fader start.