Home IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS won the Radio World Best of Show Award @NAB2017

IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS won the Radio World Best of Show Award @NAB2017


IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS is a secure and interoperable solution for outside broadcasting. Based on cloud technology, our Codec management system has been evaluated at the NAB Show 2017 by a panel of industry experts, and selected as one of the most innovative new products. Based feature set, cost effectiveness and performance, this award is the recompense of Digigram’s efforts in serving the radio industry. We warmly thank Radio World for this award!


Digigram IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS makes AoIP codecs interoperable

Digigram’s innovative IQOYA *CLOUD codec-management Software as a Service (SaaS) gives broadcasters access to a robust broadcast SIP infrastructure. This powerful solution facilitates centralized codec management anywhere from any authorized device. It also enables valuable interoperability, worldwide discovery and access security with a broad array of IP audio codecs from different manufacturers.

Why would a broadcaster need IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS?


1- To control and monitor what’s going on, at all times, from anywhere

This first-of-its-kind cloud-enabled tool allows users to take action in the event of network faults and failovers. It ensures the availability and continuity of high-quality outside broadcasts. IQOYA *CLOUD Saas provides real-time monitoring and control of all IP codecs on a network. The SaaS app allows operators to accept and initiate calls, monitor current codec status. It also allow them to configure codecs in one click, on the fly, from any authorized browser.

2- To transform various ACIP-compliant codecs into a managed codec fleet 

IQOYA *CLOUD Saas is offered on a subscription basis and accessible from any studio or nomadic device. The Digigram SaaS application makes it easy and affordable to operate audio codecs and bring content into the control room. Even third-party codecs or SIP phones can be incorporated into a fleet if they are ACIP-compliant. With the flexibility to access such codecs, a broadcaster can very quickly and cost-effectively extend its codec fleet. In this configuration, using Digigram’s IP codecs provide additional functions to broadcasters such as phone books synchronisation, centralised setup and update among others. The application is operated by a large cloud provider and based on proven Oracle® technology. Users enjoy exceptional redundancy and a high degree of security. 

3- To focus only on broadcasting, rather than on handling proprietary technologies


IQOYA *CLOUD eliminates the need for IT engineers on either side of the connection. This turnkey application is accessible from anywhere via the web browser of any connected device (mobile, tablet or PC). It is built on Digigram’s highly secure SIP broadcast infrastructure which includes the stream relay, session border controller (SBC), and presence server. IQOYA *CLOUD SaaS provides simple real-time control of all registered ACIP codecs across the network. Because all codec brands appear the same way within the browser interface, management is as straightforward as clicking a mouse.



4- To capitalize on the flexibility of SaaS

The SaaS model allows users pay only a monthly recurring fee rather than invest in significant IT development or capital expenditures. It also supports scaling up or down to accommodate special events. Additional IP codecs from new sites and correspondents can securely be added to the fleet in order to enhance coverage.

Only Digigram’s IQOYA *CLOUD leverages SaaS to make interoperability affordable for all broadcasters. The application affords users more democratic access to outside broadcasting. Not only in terms of money but also in technical capabilities, freeing them to take full advantage of any SIP-compatible audio codec, anywhere.