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High-Performance & economical STLs With Digigram AoIP Codec



Digigram, developer of innovative audio and video solutions, today announced that FM Hokkaido Broadcasting is using the Digigram IQOYA *LINK audio-over-IP (AoIP) codec to establish new cost-effective, high-performing IP links between its station in Sapporo and six transmitter sites. Supplied by SCA Sound Solutions, the IQOYA systems enable FM Hokkaido Broadcasting to reduce the cost of each studio-to-transmitter (STL) link using equipment that requires just half the space of the ISDN system it replaces.

“SCA is a longtime partner of ours, and we trust the company’s recommendations with respect to technology that will meet both our cost and performance requirements,” said Mr. Hideyuki Yamada, technical manager at FM Hokkaido Broadcasting. “SCA helped us to test the functionality, quality, and reliability of Digigram’s IQOYA systems and ensured that we could implement features that are critical to our operations. Since we took the systems live in February, they have performed flawlessly.”


The Digigram IQOYA *LINK AoIP codec

FM Hokkaido purchased 26 IQOYA *LINK units and installed 12 units at its main station and another 12 units at the six transmitter sites. Six IQOYA *LINK units at the station serve as the main transmission line, and another six serve as backup. Two units are installed at each transmitter site in a redundant configuration. Two additional units are kept at the main station as spares. All of the Digigram systems installed by FM Hokkaido Broadcasting are using the MPEG L2 compression scheme.

Taken live following an extensive evaluation period, the Digigram IQOYA *LINK units allow FM Hokkaido Broadcasting to reduce its STL bandwidth requirements and proactively establish an economical alternative to using leased-line ISDN links, which soon will be phased out in Japan.

“As Digigram’s distributor in Japan for all audio products, we have worked with the company for many years and have seen it develop a product portfolio that eases broadcasters’ shift to IP,” said Mr. Yoshinori Hagihira, COO of SCA Sound Solutions Co. “We have confidence in Digigram products, and we feel that the company’s forward-looking attitude makes it a strong business partner. Products such as the Digigram IQOYA *LINK codec make it easy for our customers to transform and enhance their operations with advanced IP technology.”

“SCA provides unique value for its customers — including FM Hokkaido Broadcasting — by creating and supporting the most suitable and effective equipment for their operations and business models,” said Nancy Diaz Curiel, sales manager, Asia Pacific at Digigram. “SCA’s extensive technical knowledge and excellent understanding of customer requirements make it an ideal partner in Japan.”