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Major update for IQOYA AoIP codecs!

IQOYA SERV/LINK and IQOYA X/LINK range are now ready for live remote broadcasting


Renowned for their reliability and versatility, the IP codecs widely deployed for program distribution applications are now available for both applications.

** The new features are available by a firmware upgrade. **

This is a new milestone for One IP, Digigram’s audio solution for remote broadcasting operations

Key points of the new firmware

  • Intuitive web interface to place calls from the address book in 2 clicks (SIP, Direct SIP, or Symmetric RTP)
  • Low latency audio connections
  • Reliable and resilient audio connections even over inexpensive unmanaged IP networks
  • EBU/ACIP compliance for interoperability with third-party codecs and any SIP infrastructure
  • IQOYA SERV/LINK is the audio-over-IP solution with the highest codec density in 1U

The call web interface before and during a call:



One IP – The unified solution for Remote Broadcasting applications

To simplify the day to day remote broadcasting operations of your radio station, you need a unique and versatile solution to cover all your use cases. One IP audio solution is a complete and simple offer that includes IP audio codecs, a SIP infrastructure and web applications.

The AoIP codec range is acclaimed by many broadcasters. Every day, anywhere on the planet, There are more than 10.000 IQOYA codecs in operation.

Our codec range has been designed to help broadcasters focus on what really matters: delivering content. Whether they are used in the field, in studios or at transmitter sites, our IP codecs allow to safely deliver high quality audio content to your listeners, 24/7 and 365 days a year.