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Press Release – NAB Show 2019

Digigram introduces its unified solution for
Remote Broadcasting applications


After three decades of experience in the broadcast industry, and over a decade of developing powerful distribution codecs, Digigram renews the world of remote broadcasting!

MONTBONNOT, FranceMarch, 21th, 2019 — Digigram will release its brand new range of remote broadcasting solutions at the NAB show 2019 in Las Vegas.

In a world where information is being shared and consumed faster than ever, where everyone needs to be everywhere at the same time; media must be at the heart of the information. Despite a constrained environment, contributors are expected to provide quality content, on the move and in an eyeblink, from wherever they may be.

Digigram has collaborated with a large community of journalists and broadcast technicians to develop the tools that will set new standards for remote broadcasting.  

“Closer than ever to the action and often alone in front of a multitude of uncertainties, journalists today have to be hyper-efficient and technicians are expected to set up their systems in advance from a remote location. After careful consideration of the needs of our users, we have come up with a solution that meets every request. We believe that we can make their day to day operations simpler.”
~ Jeremie Weber – Digigram’s CEO ~

From the needs of on-field reporters to studio work, Digigram has considered all scenarios to release a complete solution that is both accessible and reliable.

“All our remote broadcasting products have been designed to work independently, but their true strength lies in their unified application. The user interface of all our remote broadcasting codecs will remain the same, making it easier for the user to switch between them. In the studio, the content coming from OB vans, our portable codecs and our smartphone applications will be received, controlled and managed by a single interface. This is the main feature of our remote broadcasting offer: a unified and complete solution; what we like to call as our ‘ONE’ IP audio solution.”

~ Raphael Triomphe – Digigram’s CMO ~

Consisting of a whole range of IP codecs – rack-mountable, portable and mobile – a suite of web-based applications, a SIP infrastructure and accessories, Digigram‘s solution is ready to take remote broadcasting to the next level.

The highlight of Digigram’s remote broadcasting solution is our all-new portable IP audio codec.

IQOYA TALK, The new standard for portable codecs

IQOYA TALK is a portable IP audio codec dedicated to remote live operations requiring high-reliability transmission & broadcast audio quality.
Designed with a user interface as intuitive as any smartphone, IQOYA TALK allows remote reporters to perform all the key actions in just 2 clicks. Live reporting or commentary can be performed, as well as studio-quality interviews for up to four journalists and guests, with a user experience designed for the non-technical.
Audio content can then be simply streamed through a large number of wired or wireless ‘last mile’ connections.

IQOYA TALK comes as a part of a comprehensive package including :

  • For Studio & OB van applications, a complete range of four rack-mountable audio IP codecs, or Digigram’s flagship multichannel audio IP codec for large number of streams.
  • A smartphone Application and accessories for ultra-mobility cases.
  • A web codec solution to connect a guest from everywhere, anytime.
  • A suite of web applications to allow technicians to control and manage the entire fleet of codecs.
  • And a secured infrastructure that enables interconnectivity between all the IP codecs.

Join us at the NAB Show! Booth #N5919

Digigram will also be present on partner booths:
C1133 w/ BARIX; SU3621 w/ International Data Casting; N2531 w/ On Hertz; C2357 w/ Wider




About Digigram

As a worldwide audio grade brand, Digigram pioneers in audio innovations. We design, develop and manufacture products that allow broadcasters to focus on what really matters – delivering content.  

At the forefront of IP audio system developments, we are leading the way in finding new solutions for broadcasters. Our products range from professional sound cards and advanced audio coding systems to powerful cloud-based codec management services.

With over 30 years of experience in developing innovative digital systems, we offer complete point-to-point encoding and streaming links; from remote broadcast encoders to strong and efficient studio to transmitter links. We use this experience to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the right solutions that will not only serve their current requirements but also keep them future-ready.  


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