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Welcome to Synthax, our new US distributor!

Synthax Appointed New Distributor for Digigram in the US Market

Synthax, distributor of premium interface manufacturer RME, converter manufacturer Ferrofish and personal monitor mixer myMix, among other products and brands, has announced that it is now the exclusive U.S. distributor for Digigram, the French audio-over-IP manufacturer and industry pioneer. The latest addition to Synthax’s portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for both broadcasters and audio installers, including one of the most complete range of bridges and converters to AoIP.

For the last 30 years, Digigram has designed and developed innovative digital systems that help broadcasters easily deliver their content. At the forefront of IP audio system development, Digigram manufactures a range of products, from professional sound cards and advanced audio coding systems to powerful cloud-based codec management services. These solutions are also an easy way for museums, retail stores, schools, theme parks, transportation centers and more, to broadcast public address announcements throughout their space over the Internet.

Both Synthax and Digigram share similar business strategies and are both highly focused in the audio over IP space, making the new distribution deal a perfect fit. “We are thrilled to team up with Synthax USA,” says Xavier Allanic, Sales Director at Digigram. “This new partnership provides us with the perfect boost we needed to deploy Digigram’s commercial strategy throughout North America.”

“Acting as Digigram’s exclusive distributor in the US, Synthax USA has the experience to broaden Digigram’s spectrum as our range of solutions are key to making customers’ day-to-day operations simpler,” Allanic continued. “We are excited about this new chapter and working hand-in-hand with Synthax.”

“Digigram is on the cutting edge of audio over IP, offering end-users solutions that not only fill their current audio needs but also keep them ready for the future,” says Mathias von Heydekampf, Synthax Managing Director. “Digigram’s solutions provide both radio and TV broadcasters as well as audio installers solutions that help simplify every-day operations while streamlining the delivery of their content.”