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AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 – Smart Audio-over-IP Gateway


With its new AUDIOWAY range that completes its presence in the broadcast workflow, Digigram focuses on the heart of the studio and facilitates the transfer of audio streams.

The AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is an intelligent gateway between MADI and AES/EBU digital audio streams and AES67/Dante™ synchronous audio-over-IP streams.

Forming the backbone of your infrastructure, the AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is the ideal solution to distribute and interconnect your audio streams both in the studio and externally.

Thanks to the software supplied with the product, the BRIDGE B1 can be used to route as well as monitor all inputs/outputs in every format (MADI – AES/EBU – AES67/Dante™).

As a complete single-box system  it not only bridges audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams and legacy signals, but also ensures clock synchronization between the two systems.

AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 allows you to route and monitor low latency audio whatever the technology/protocol. It brings a seamless studio management with AVS-monitor, Dante™ Controller and multiple presets. It reduces the cost and complexity of AoIP integration into your studio infrastructure.

The AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 features 64/64 Dante™/AES67 full-duplex I/O channels, and is equipped with both 64/64 MADI I/O and 16/16 AES/EBU I/O digital audio interfaces, as well as a low latency hardware routing matrix between all inputs and all outputs..

AUDIOWAY Bridge B1 is very simple to use thanks to its control application which provides complete configuration and monitoring of all the streams operated by the equipment.  

Use case Example



Size 483 x 253x 44 mm (19” rack, 1 U height), approx. 3.5 kg
Dual Power Supply 100-240 VAC + 12 VDC – Maximum 50 W
Operating: Temperature / Humidity 0 °C to 40°C / 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Front panel LED status LED display – Networks and links Rx and Tx activities – Events   
Clocks inputs In addition to its internal clock, AUDIOWAY BRIDGE can be synchronized to word clock, MADI input, any AES/EBU input, Dante or AES67 network.

Word clock Input: Zin=1KΩ or 75Ω  selected by software

Clock outputs Word clock output
GPI/O GND and Power DC Output 12V (250mA max)

4 GPI/O individually configurable. GPI can be set as ADC level input

Sampling rate 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.1 kHz, 96 kHz (48 kHz for AES67 interoperability)


DANTE interface

Connectors 2 x Neutrik EtherCON RJ45 + 2 x RJ45 on integrated 4 ports Gigabit switch  
Dante and AES67 modes Compliant with AES67 interoperability recommendation

Redundant in Dante mode with Primary and Secondary ports, replicated on ports 3 and 4

AoIP Inputs / Outputs Up to 64 / 64 AES67 or redundant Dante input/output channels, sample format 24 bits

32 / 32 input/output channels at 96 kHz

Clock synchronisation Automatic from Dante network. Eligible to Grand Master Clock.

Bridges Dante PTPv1 to AES67 PTPv2


MADI interface

Connectors 2 x 75 Ω BNC and 2 x SC multi/single-mode optical connectors, automatic switching
Audio Inputs / Outputs Up to 64 digital inputs/outputs, 24 bits resolution

MADI 56 / 64 channels mode S-Mux or Multiple Rate


AES/EBU interface

Connectors 2 x DB25 connector, YAMAHA pinout, AES59 levels
Audio inputs / outputs 16 Mono AES/EBU digital inputs / outputs, 24 bits resolution , 110 Ω, AES balanced  

ASRC available on each stereo input (-140dB THD+N)  


Routing and monitoring

Routing matrix Up to 64x64x16 routing backplane, fully managed by the AVS-Monitor application
Monitoring Any output can monitor the routing backplane, whatever its technology


Control and monitoring Environment

AUVITRAN AVS-Monitor ® Smart PC application enabling remote setting, control, routing and monitoring of all AES/EBU, MADI or Dante audio streams and clocking status. Control pages manage the specific parameters of every audio interfaces cards

AVS-Monitor can simultaneously manage several AUDIOWAY BRIDGE on a LAN

Windows  10 / 8 / Seven / Vista / XP,  32 or 64 bit versions

Audinate Dante
For audio patch of any Dante device, and additional AoIP routing features: multicast/unicast; redundant mode or switch mode…
Dante Virtual Sound Card Optional Dante Virtual Soundcard software (license purchase required, see Audinate)


  • Gateway between AES67/Dante, MADI and AES/EBU
  • Seamless studio management with AVS-monitor, Dante Controller and multiple presets
  • Full audio formats routing
  • 24/7 mission-critical operation with dual AC/DC power supply
  • Redundancy of Dante networks 
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of AoIP integration into your studio infrastructure