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Affordable IP Delivery

A ticket for reliable, safe, yet affordable delivery and transmission

The challenge 

You are the owner of an advertising agency. A key client – a local shopping center – desires to stream ongoing brand audio messages and key consumer-facing announcements from a single source (located at your agency’s offices) to their shopping center via web radio and then to speakers located throughout the mall. You have looked at many options and realize you need a technology that delivers content excellence but at a price you can afford.

Components: PYKO-out, PYKO-in

The solution

For reliable, safe, yet affordable delivery and transmission, PYKO is just the ticket. PYKO can be used for a variety of professional audio applications including background music, transportation, paging, intercom and other broadcast, commercial, and industrial requirements.

Affordable Delivery-solution-digigram-audio

The benefits

  • Affordable entry for Audio-over-IP
  • Safe, high quality transmission from one source to one transmission end point.
  • Deliver to a wide range of audiences: from local locations such as a shopping mall, to global IP radio networks.
  • Also decode: Shoutcast and Icecast streaming for many local and in-store application needs,

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