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Cost-effective, live full-duplex contribution


As a small TV station broadcasting within a highly competitive market, your Operations Director required that you quickly find a cost-effective solution to address live full duplex applications. Specifically, your station needs a stable alternative to unreliable local 3G networks, and the ability to reduce operating costs by minimizing transmission over traditional, expensive satellite links.

Your company also desires a fully mobile solution that could drive reliable video over IP duplex transmissions, while also providing high image qualities and resolutions over low bitrate Internet broadband networks.

To resolve this challenge, you tested and compared a variety of possible solutions for your station management.

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Digigram AQORD *LINK and VSAT flight case with automatic pointing antenna for cost-effective full-duplex

The AQORD *LINK encoder is perfectly suited to the budgets of local television broadcasters, and is recognized for high quality video delivery even at low Internet bitrates. Integrated with a VSAT IP modem, Digigram AQORD *LINK delivers 2Mbit in SD or 4Mbit in HD for live performance.

The AQORD *LINK comes packaged in a VSAT flight case together with an IP modem and a folding parabolic dish with automatic pointing capability. The Digigram solution provides two channels of broadcast quality SD/HD streaming at speeds from 0.5 to 20 Mbps with MPEG-TS encapsulation.

Digigram AQORD *LINK achieves full duplex through simultaneous encoding and decoding. It can also stream to multiple IP addresses for backup in multi-unicast, unicast, or multicast. With AQORD *LINK, the broadcaster also has the ability to record video content on an inbuilt integrated hard disk, and provides a complete solution for transmitting audio and video I/O HD-SDI as well as low latency audio.

Characterized by very low transmission costs, well suited to restricted budgets, the solution also enables scalable costings for 2 to 10 Mbps bandwidth, enabling efficient budget management.

The Benefits

  • Reliable live transmission in areas not connected to the 3G network
  • Ultra-mobile for almost-anywhere deployment
  • Full-duplex through simultaneous encode and decode capabilities
  • Very low transmission costs, well suited to restricted budgets
  • Easy setup of the end-to-end installation, on site thanks the encoder’s inbuilt LCD screen or remotely via a web interface and automatic pointing antenna system


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