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Highly automated IP audio streaming for large entertainment venues

The Challenge

You are a systems integrator specializing in professional audio solutions, and you are responding to a theme park’s RFP for a park-wide system for flexible, reliable, and highly automated delivery of music, announcements, and emergency messages.

To meet the theme park’s requirements, your proposed system must interoperate smoothly with existing background music, scheduling, and paging applications — as well as the existing network infrastructure — to deliver targeted audio, such as notifications and music, simultaneously to different zones within the park. The system must ensure that priority and emergency messages are played out properly and in the correct zones, and it must allow for cloud remote control, with robust monitoring and reporting that make it easy to maintain system performance throughout the park. Finally, if you are to win this tender, your proposed system must also be economical and backed by proven technology.


The Solution

Networked streaming is the only logical and cost-effective way to bring specific audio to different areas of a large entertainment venue such as a theme park. IP audio solutions from Digigram give you the tools to propose a flexible, reliable, and scalable audio and emergency messaging system, built on proven technology.

Working alongside a park’s preferred background music applications, Digigram’s streaming and processing engine effortlessly manages audio, delivers it across the facility’s existing IP
network, and monitors the quality and continuity of the output at each intelligent endpoint. The system requires little processing power, and can be hosted cost-effectively on commodity servers and managed from the the cloud.

In addition to converting IP streams into analog sound for co-located amps and speaker systems, smart Digigram endpoints easily accommodate various priority levels for emergency or timed broadcasts. Each unit can be addressed independently, making it easy to target messaging throughout the park. Self-monitoring and reporting capabilities add to the overall robustness and resilience of the end-to- end audio system while reducing the need for manual intervention. Offering rich functionality that’s easy to use, Digigram products allow you to propose a lasting, scalable system that allows the park to focus not on its technology, but rather on creative ways it can use audio to enrich the visitor experience.

The Benefits

• Easy to configure and operate

• Reliable, secure transmission of multiple audio streams to different sites or zones

• Scalable number of audio I/Os, with support for various audio connections

• High audio channel density, with a scalable number of streams

• Up to three decoding priorities per endpoint for emergency or timed broadcasts

• Minimal monitoring and maintenance requirements across outputs

• Low total cost of ownership