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Contribution networks

The Challenge

Your sports editor approaches you with a new assignment. He needs a team of 20 to cover a live sporting event: the country’s football club is in the World Cup and your station has the opportunity to broadcast every play to local and global audiences.

Because you are the CTO, the editor explains that the station needs to stream the action from a variety of sources simultaneously to a range of end-points including existing cable networks, satellite, and over the Internet. You’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-manage solution.

The Solution

IQOYA for Mission-Critical, Global Large Scale Events

Components: IQOYA *SERV/LINK


Deploy a fully integrated Digigram IQOYA solution to capture audio data simultaneously from up to 64 links and distribute those signals to a range of final destinations including cable, web radio, satellite, and similar.

The Benefits

  • Reliable: capture and transmit content with confidence. These solutions incorporate dual streaming and full FEC (Full Error Correction) technologies to ensure high quality content with no drop-outs and no disruption.
  • Low Latency: make sure your audience sees the action as it happens. Compression and similar technologies are used to access every millimetre of available network bandwidth.
  • Centralized, remote, efficient management: with our SNMP Supervisor, your engineers can easily manage all parts of the broadcast solution with this web-enabled administrative interface. View and manage all broadcast components. Configure, reconfigure or upload new software remotely, from anywhere at any time. Detect signal speeds – and failures – all across the system to optimize signal output.
  • Flexible and agile: increase competitive advantage by quickly deploying this Digigram solution.
  • Future proofed and scalable: easily add more broadcasting horsepower as you require.
  • Low TCO: due to lower cost of entry and increased efficiency.