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Audio-over-IP Solutions for Outside Broadcasting

The Challenge

As the Chief Technology Officer of a major urban radio station, you are faced with a dilemma. The sports editor needs to cover a breaking story: in less than an hour, the local Premier League football club will announce the transfer of a major international star. The sports editor must cover the story or disappoint loyal listeners. But the station does not have the time or resources to deploy appropriate infrastructure for use by its journalists.

How do you quickly, safely, robustly – and cost effectively – stream high quality live content back to your broadcasting station from the field without the need for a bulky and expensive traditional OB unit? You know that there can be no compromise in audio quality or real-time performance. You also know that your resources are limited: any new solution must be cost-effective and require zero or minimum technical skills to use. So what do you do?

The Solution

Digigram Mobile Studio for Audio Broadcasting


Components: Digigram IQOYA *CALL

Dispatch your journalists armed with a full Digigram Mobile Studio. Built on the Digigram IQOYA*CALL codec with interoperability to other devices including third party codecs and audio-over-IP consoles, your staff can quickly deploy this one-stop solution to instantly transmit live high quality IP content to your studio. Ultra-low latency ensures that journalists can hear the studio program in real time for talkback cues, resulting in comfortable interviews while providing listeners with a compelling breaking news experience.

The Benefits

  • Reliable: safe and robust transmission of vital IP content to your station or directly to chosen channels including the Internet. No drop-outs. No lost signals. Instead, fully duplicated content streaming ensures high levels of broadcast quality.
  • Increased competitive advantage: with innovative flexibility and agility to ensure coverage of critical events wherever it happens and as it happens – from any landline, wireless or mobile Internet connection.
  • Ultra-low latency: ensures that your journalists hear the studio program and talkback cues in real time.
  • Simple to set up and deploy: no technical hassles and easy to operate by field journalists. It’s as simple as making a phone call from a smartphone.
  • Low TCO: for affordable, anytime / anywhere audio contribution.

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