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Live Contribution and OTT / IPTV applications

The challenge

As the CTO and primary buyer of new broadcast-quality video equipment for a local television station, you’ve been handed a thorny series of challenges. The Managing Director has informed you that the station needs to increase its digital-streaming footprint into non-traditional OTT networks and devices – fast. At the same time, she has also unveiled plans to cut capital costs by 40 percent over the next fiscal year. Finally, she tells you that the station must maintain the highest-quality broadcast standards to grow its market against stiff competition.

You also know that the station’s camera team is soon to cover an important political debate taking place in a remote location, known for the slow performance of the local Internet.

You begin your search for a fully-integrated, high quality, yet cost-effective solution. Your search leads you to

The Solution

Digigram AQORD *LINK and AQILIM *SERV/FIT Video-over-IP Contribution, IPTV and OTT Solutions

These integrated solutions provide your station with everything you need to leverage the outstanding benefits of VoIP. The easy-to-deploy, 2 channel AQORD *LINK encodes and compresses Live video content and audio feeds received from professional video cameras in the field, for full duplex transmission back to studio. As an ultra-low latency solution, IQOYA *LINK fully utilizes all available Internet bandwidth for the delivery of reliable, robust high quality video and audio signals.

Once back at studio, the signal is decompressed and decoded by another in-studio AQORD *LINK for Live production. To meet IPTV distribution requirements, AQORD *LINK re-compresses and encodes the signal for distribution to consumers’ set top boxes and other IPTV distribution technologies.

To transmit WebTV contents over smartphones, laptops, PCs and other OTT devices, the station has also deployed AQILIM *SERV/FIT. Using embedded adaptive bit rate technologies, AQILIM *SERV/FIT delivers appropriate bandwidth streams to ensure high-quality, reliable content delivery to any device.

With Digigram Video-over-IP solutions, the CTO has increased the station’s digital footprint at a price that fits well within his manager’s budget.

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The benefits

AQORD *LINK in point-to-point contribution

  • Enable cost-effective Premium-quality video at low bitrate thanks to broadcast quality hardware codec.
  • Secure your critical Live contributions: FEC error correction algorithm allows to recovered lost packets during live transmission while Dual Streaming installs a redundant link in case of link fail over.
  • True OBvan compatible: Hardware encoding allows compact form factor in short chassis and very low power consumption.
  • Fully utilize existing inexpensive IP digital networks for transmission, while maintaining high video quality, due to compression technologies of up to 400x and FEC-standard packet loss management
  • Retrieve your content for later editing or file backup with large capacity integrated hard drive


AQILIM *SERV/FIT in IPTV/OTT distribution

  • Fulfill your multiple operational needs and constraints thanks to versatile functions: Multi-CDN and Multiple formats/bitrates output (MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP, MP4), Adaptive Bitrate and recording capability
  • Optimize your performance at reasonable cost: Premium video quality at low bitrate is provided on the full scalable product range
  • Quickly implement IPTV and WebTV to increase distribution footprint and market share
  • Simple to set up and use: adaptive bit rate technologies deliver appropriate bandwidth streams to ensure high-quality, reliable content delivery to any OTT device including tablets and smartphones

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