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Stream your composite MPX signal to your FM tower

The challenge

You are a tower company or a radio broadcaster. Currently you use several pieces of equipment on each transmitter site to create the MPX signal from the baseband audio (e.g. RDS encoder, stereo generator etc.). Today the baseband audio signal is transported over IP. You have looked at several options and realize you need a technology that delivers content excellence but at a price you can afford. You are challenging professional audio solutions manufacturers to supply a simpler, more cost effective yet secure solution able to transport MPX over IP from the studio.

Components: IQOYA X/LINK-MPX

The solution

Digigram is able to transport MPX directly from the studio to the transmitters with the IQOYA X/LINK-MPX codec. This codec natively enable MPX encoding or decoding, offering a smart solution to broadcasters and tower companies. Its support both analog MPX and digital MPX over AES192.

The transport of MPX over IP requires a reliable network with an available bit rate of at least 2.5 Mbits/s. Managed networks and/or microwave links are necessary. Fluid IP(TM), the smart IP audio streaming of IQOYA, offers FEC schemes as well as redundant dual streaming with time-diversity to overcome potential network errors such as packet losses.

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The benefits

  • Simplify your STL : one MPX encoder + codec in the studio instead of several pieces of equipment distributed across multiple transmitter sites
  • Centralize your audio processing: signal management can be handled entirely from the studio rather than from remote locations
  • Eliminate time-consuming interventions at transmitter sites
  • Simplify your purchase policy : a single IQOYA supports either analog MPX or MPX over AES192 architectures
  • Benefit from Audio-over-IP flexibility and productivity advantages with an affordable solution

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