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Ultra Mobility for Live Commentary

The Challenge

Your station’s news team is faced with an urgent breaking story: a fire is consuming blocks of local offices and warehouses. You know that your station’s listeners will demand instant updates from multiple interviews, content that must also be edited on-the-fly. The station news editor needs to send a journalist into the field immediately. But your station does not have the technology to provide such agility.

As CTO, what do you do?

The Solution

Digigram Ultra Mobility for Live Commentary


Components: CANCUN and IQOYA V*MOTE in journalists’ laptop bags and IQOYA *CALL in-studio

Equip all of your journalists with Digigram Ultra Mobility for Live Commentary. All your journalist needs is an internet connection. With the Digigram Ultra Mobility for Live Commentary solution, get your journalists to the action as it happens, whenever it happens.

The Benefits

  • Ultra-mobile: provides the agility and flexibility you need to cover breaking news at any time, from anywhere (all your journalist needs is an Internet connection).
  • Reliable: based on trusted Digigram technologies, ensure the arrival of critical high quality content to your station for quick and safe broadcast to your audience.
  • Flexible / Agile: enable all of your journalists to contribute from anywhere and steal a march on your competitors while increasing the loyalty of your audience.
  • A fully mobile editing workstation: perfectly integrated with his or her favorite automation editor, journalists only need a laptop to capture, edit, and transmit multiple sounds, jingles, and commentaries to the studio.
  • Deploy on existing laptops: no need for further investment in new commentary devices.
  • Low TCO: get your staff mobile at a low, low total cost of ownership.

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