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Ultra Mobility for Live Mobile Interviews

The challenge

Your star journalist uncovers a new story – as she drives down a motorway she witnesses an accident. She discovers that the car is transporting a rock star to a concert; the rock star’s life hangs in the balance. The journalist desperately wants to interview the first responders to the scene, but she only has her mobile phone with her.

How does she quickly, safely and robustly stream highest quality breaking news interviews back to your broadcasting station, for delivery live over appropriate channels?

The Solution

Digigram Ultra Mobility for Live Mobile Interviews


Components:  Digigram Q-Mic plus IQOYA *MOBILE in journalist’s bag and IQOYA *CALL/LE in-studio

As CTO all you have to do is add cost-effective Digigram Ultra Mobility for live mobile interviews to your infrastructure. With this robust system, all your journalist needs is a wireless 3G / 4G internet connection. These fully mobile, easy-to-carry Digigram components, together with her mobile phone, are the only things she needs in order to broadcast live from anywhere back to your studio.

The Benefits

  • Ultra-mobile: this “pocket studio” solution gives you the agility and flexibility you need to cover breaking news at any time, from anywhere with only a wireless Internet connection.
  • Increased competitive advantage: with the flexibility and agility that ensures the reliable, high quality transmission of important live audio content from the field as it occurs.
  • Reliable: based on trusted Digigram technologies, ensure the arrival of high quality content to your station for quick and safe broadcast to your audience.
  • Flexible / Agile: Equip all of your journalists to contribute from anywhere and steal a march on your competitors while increasing the loyalty of your audience.
  • Deploy on existing smart phones and tablets: no need for further investment in new mobile devices. Instead use existing smart phones and tablets (subject to certain specification requirements).
  • Low TCO: get your staff mobile at a low, low total cost of ownership.
  • Simple to set up and deploy: easy to operate by field journalists.

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