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Breakout box for sound cards BOB16AES

Key Workflow: Replaces the cards breakout cables for easy connectivity of audio I/Os.

BOB16AES is an elegant, safe, and ergonomic solution to connect audio input and output signals to Digigram’s multichannel sound cards via a sturdy 2U 19″ rack.

At a glance


BOB16AES is the perfect match for the Digigram’s twelve channel sound cards. It can be used with the following cards:

  • LoLa881, LoLa881-SRC
  • LoLa1616, LoLa16161-SRC

The following cards are also supported when they are used with no LTC connection:

  • VX881HR, VX881e
  • PCX881HR, PCX881e
  • VX1221HR,  VX1221e
  • PCX1221HR, PCX1221e

Key features

  • 2U 19’’ rack
  • Allows connections on a front panel of:
    – 2 balanced analog input and 12 balanced analog output signals
    – 1 stereo balanced AES/EBU input and 2 stereo balanced AES/EBU output signals
    – external synchronisation signals
  • 2U 16’’ rack (440 x 88 x 150 mm (Width x height x depth)
  • Weight: ~2.60 kg (~5.75 lbs)
  • 8  stereo AES/EBU  inputs + 8 stereo AES/EBU outputs on XLR
  • 1 AES synchronization input on XLR
  • 1 Wordclock synchronization  input and output on BNC connectors
  • 1 Video reference input on BNC connector
  • Rugged mechanical design & high-quality Neutrik™ connectors
  • Digigram design, tested against EMC requirements
  • Four mounting configurations: rack front end, rack back end, under a table, top of a table
  • Compatible with the following sound cards
    – LoLa881, LoLa881-SRC
    – LoLa1616, LoLa16161-SRC
    VX881HR, VX881e  (when used with no LTC connection)
    – PCX881HR, PCX881e (when used with no LTC connection)
    – VX1221HR,  VX1221e (when used with no LTC connection)
    – PCX1221HR, PCX1221e (when used with no LTC connection)
  • Optional label carrier sets


  • All connections easily accessible from a front panel
  • Replaces a bulky breakout cable