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EtherSound ES220/ES220-L – Support

⚠ This product is now discontinued

ES220 and ES220-L are EtherSound products. They can be used with ES-100 products. However, they imply some limitations:

  • The Preferred Primary Master (PPM) device must be a v2 (using a v3.xx ES kernel)
  • The control PC must be connected to the PPM
  • A cable failure occurring only on the RX pair of the OUT port of an ES220/ES220-L device is not detected and so not fixed by the ring redundancy. This case is possible but extremely improbable.
  • GPO ring failure trigger is not available in a mixed v1 and v2 ES network.
  • In case of failure and so Primary Master change, the control application connected to the PPM does not have access to the network anymore as long as the failure is not fixed. However, point of error will be reflected in ESControl before it loses access to the ES network.

Two rotary coding wheels on the rear panel allow to directly set the EtherSound routing (without using an EtherSound control software aplication), or to set the routing mode to “software controlled”, in which case the EtherSound routing can be configured from a software application like EScontrol.

The EtherSound firmware of ES220/ES220-L can be updated (if required) through the ESFirmwareUpdater application.