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UAX220v2 – Support

UAX220v2 is a professional grade USB Audio compliant stereo interface. It is self powererd on USB, and does not require the installation of a driver as it is directly supported by the operating systems. It appears as a WDM DirectSound device under Windows operating systems , as an ALSA device under Linux, and a CoreAudio device under Mac OS X.

In case the UAX is to be used with an ASIO software application, you may install a third-party ASIO driver (Asio4all, Ploytec).

Internal parameters of UAX220v2:

Factory settings are:

  • frequency fixed to 48 KHz
  • 24-bit sample resolution

These parameters can be changed by using the application UAXManager on a PC running Windows 32-bit OS. This application can be downloaded herebelow.