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VX221e-SRC – Support page

VX221e-SRC is a linear PCM stereo sound card  which features an AES3 audio input with a high quality hardware sample rate converter, an AES11 input, and an AES3 output.
It is designed to be used through the following standard driver interfaces: Wasapi, DirectSound, ASIO.
It can also be used with software applications based on  Digigram proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) under Windows operating systems, so as to benefit from the available on-board features: PCM audio mixing, cross-fades, timed-based and event-based functions.

VX221e-SRC card does not feature on-board support of MPEG audio and time-scaling.

The “HR Runtime” driver package allows installing the following components:

  • WDM directSound driver (32 bits under a 32-bit Windows, 64 bits under a 64-bit Windows)
  • ASIO driver with its ASIO control panel (32 bits under a 32-bit Windows, 32 bits and 64 bits under a 64-bit Windows)
  • Digigram Hardware Settings (DHS) application, which allows setting the card parameters (clock source, digital gains, vu-meters, monitoring, input slection, SRC, EQ)

Supported Windows flavours

All Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions, as of Windows 7, and 2008 Server.