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For over 30 years, Digigram robust solutions have been trusted the world over to safely produce and deliver digital content across borders.

Founded in France in 1985 and publicly traded since 1997, Digigram has evolved into the world leader for professional sound cards and a leading provider of advanced audio-over-IP solutions.

In the early ‘90’s Digigram introduced the first digital sound card, the PCX3, which disrupted the broadcast industry, signalled the end of reliance on tape, and enabled the deployment of radio automation solutions. In 2000, Digigram launched its EtherSound™ range, transporting low-latency audio via Ethernet LANs.

A decade later, Digigram IP audio products altered the way signals are transported to and from radio broadcast facilities with simple, more affordable, more flexible solutions.

Today, Digigram innovation is leveraging in blu by digigram services the power of cloud computing to enable even more flexible and efficient management and transport of audio content in a brand new range of services.


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