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PYKO-in – Support

Release notes

Firmware V012
 Optimisation of the latency.

Firmware V020 :
– PYKO-in must have this firmware to work in PCM 24 kHz stereo. PYKO-out must also be updated to PYKO-out firmware v020.

PYKO-in Shoutcast

This firmware is to be applied to PYKO-in when it is used for streaming in Shoutcast.
This Shoutcast firmware can only be aplmlied through the RS232 port of PYKO-in, through the folloowing procedure:

  • Disconnect PYKO power supply cable.
  • Connect PYKO RS232 port to computer COM port with null modem cable, hardware handshake is not required.
  • From Command line, in update_rescue directory, type serial.bat COM1
    Adjust COM number according to your configuration.
  • Reconnect PYKO power supply cable. Wait until upgrade is completed.
  • PYKO is now in Shoutcast mode. Default IP address is