Support & Maintenance contracts

A range of service contracts

Digigram offers a range of support and maintenance and support contracts to ensure the smooth running of your Digigram equipment. There are several types and levels of contract to choose from so that you can choose the formula best suited to your requirements and budget. A dedicated team of Digigram engineers and technicians is permanently on hand to deliver the services specified in your contract.

Product ranges covered by the support and service contracts are as follows:

IP audio codecs

Third party products are not covered by our contracts.

Main features

A maintenance and support contract applies to a fleet of products whose serial numbers are provided upon subscription. These products then benefit from a hardware repair warranty extension (after 1rst year) and software corrective maintenance for the duration of the contract (a contract signed after the first year of warranty extends it). Customer have a priority access to Digigram specialists for technical support.

Services include (depending on type of contract):

  • Technical support with guaranteed response time
  • Access to knowledge base and FAQs
  • Problem-solving via remote connections
  • Bug fixing
  • Software/firmware updates
  • Hardware repair of products covered by the contract (subject to normal use)
  • Standard or Express exchange of products
Not registered Support contracts only for registered users
Bronze Silver Gold
1 year access to Digigram technical support hot-line best efforts response time 1 working day response time 4 working hours response time
 Level 2 technical support (investigation)

 Use of remote connexion for investigation  
 Named contact for technical support  
 WEB On-line ticket request  
 Critical defects resolution  High priority
 High priority
High priority with escalation, action plan, and named responsible person
 Major defects resolution  Best efforts High priority High priority
 Minor defects resolution       Best efforts
 Information on software/firmware releases  
 Product lifespan information (current, end of production, end of service, last buy)  
 Access to knowledge base
 Software updates and patches (fixes)
 Software upgrades (minor evolutions)  
 Major releases (major evolutions)    
 Remote Technical Assistance (products configuration, software updates)    
 On site support/assistance: days, travel and lodging costs to be additionaly invoiced     Committed on customer request
Repair services      
 1 year warranty (from date of subscription – free the 1rst year following the date of purchase)
 RMA request via hot-line
RMA request and follow-up via WEB portal
 Repair time, from the date of receipt of the faulty product at Digigram SA premises  Best efforts  Best efforts  8 open days  5 open days
 One free express replacement per unit and per year     2 open days shipping