A refreshed graphic corporate identity and improved, customer oriented functions

Montbonnot, France, 28 February 2022 – The French audio equipment manufacturer Digigram has announced the launch of a new website and a redesigned logo along with a new corporate identity. 

Effective March 1st, 2022, the new website will enable online visitors to enjoy a refreshed graphic design for the company’s identity, as well as improved functions for customers. 

This global redesign operation, encompassing the company’s graphic identity and operational website, is the outcome of a company-wide work that has been carried out in the past years with the purpose of reaffirming Digigram’s values and message to the public.

A redesigned logo that puts forward the company spirit

The new company logo has been designed along the lines of the cochlea-shaped Digigram signature, featuring light lines that are flexible to morph and evoke sound waves. “The iconic cochlea has been Digigram’s signature for over 35 years, and we love to get inspiration from our roots to better shape our future” declares Nancy Diaz Curiel, Digigram’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications. 

The new corporate identity features touches of orange on navy blue background. “For boldness” states Jérémie Weber, Digigram’s CEO. “We meant to add this zest of brightness to be reminded every day that boldness has been in Digigram’s DNA forever and this is what keeps us moving forward” concludes Weber.  

A cleaner web design for simpler customer navigation

This refreshed corporate identity reflects in a new, redesigned and cleaner website with enhanced functions to connect visitors and Digigram professionals behind the screen. “The main idea was to declutter the visual field and provide a straightforward, yet efficient web design that guides our visitors to the information they need – just like we focus on our customers to provide simple and efficient solutions for their audio applications” comments Diaz Curiel.

The navigation is now more intuitive and user-friendly, guiding visitors to the sections they might be interested in. The Support pages have been further developed and enriched to provide thorough information of the Digigram ever growing solutions range. 

This website is consistent with the company’s values and message. Because we care about connecting with our customer base and have released dozens of successful contents including many webinars the past months, most of these are available permanently on the new website, making it easier for visitors and customers to retrieve the right piece of information anytime through the News & Contents section” declares Weber. 

Digigram currently has 2 offices in France and Singapore. The professional audio market acclaimed its IP-based audio contribution solutions (IQOYA range) for their continuous and agile support to the broadcast industry in times of lockdown. Swiftly deployed, the IQOYA range featured Digigram signature user-friendliness and reliability to enable the media to remote broadcasting seamlessly. 

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