-Montbonnot, France, 14 April 2023 Revised on April 21, 2023

The French audio equipment manufacturer Digigram has announced the release of four new sound cards featuring 8 input/outputs and 16 inputs/outputs, plus their respective MIC versions, as part of the ALP-X range.

With its first cards launched in 2022, Digigram’s ALP-X range of digital and analog sound cards with improved features continues to expand. One year after the release of ALP222e and ALP222e-MIC cards, ALP442e, ALP442e-MIC, ALP882e and ALP882e-MIC are the newest additions to the ALP-X range. 


MIC versions: a game changer for extended applications  

Visible at NAB, Las Vegas, NV (15-19 April 2023, booth C2325) and available this spring 2023 via Digigram’s network of distributors, ALP442e, ALP442e-MIC, ALP882e and ALP882e-MIC embed the signature features of the established ALP-X range: pristine sound quality for playing and recording, and a robust design to provide the utmost reliability. 

Additionally, ALP442e-MIC and ALP882e-MIC pave the way to a large array of new applications like never before. Their compact design, coupled to integrated mic preamps, make them the perfect match for all slim form factor integrated systems “This is a first in the pro audio market, and we are extremely proud to offer sound cards with the ultimate integration, as they will be a game changer in countless applications” states Xavier Allanic, Digigram’s Director of Operations. “Whether it is broadcast, emergency systems, critical communications and recordings, acoustic and vibration measurements or any 365/24/7 run application, we are thrilled to expand the ALP-X range with these new additions”.

“The same, better” to reach beyond

Capitalizing on Digigram’s 35 years of expertise in the pro audio industry, the ALP-X range was announced as the trustworthy legacy of VX cards – many are still operating today – while taking the whole sound card market to a next level. The simultaneous use of analog and digital inputs/outputs, embedded mixers with full capacity, compatibility with Windows and Linux operating systems, or GPIOs included – are among the smart features that ensure the cards are an impeccable fit for mission critical audio applications, where reliability and performance are paramount. 

Along with their MIC versions, ALP442e and ALP882e perfectly address audio engineers’ broadcast multi-channel applications, and their expanded capacities enable Digigram to reach beyond our traditional scope” declares Stéphane Bert, Digigram’s Pre-sales Manager. “With ALP442e and ALP882e, project managers and system engineers, regardless of their industries, have found smart ways to work around pain points when it comes to setting reliable, robust and effective systems in constraint spaces, working under Linux operated environments or with low frequencies” states Bert.

Based in the French Alps, Digigram currently has 2 offices in France and Singapore. The professional audio market acclaimed its IP-based audio contribution solutions (IQOYA range) and the launch of the ALP-X sound cards range. Utmost reliability, pristine audio quality and user-friendliness have been among Digigram’s signature features.