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  • Digigram founded in Grenoble in the French Alps.



  • Launches the first sound cards incorporating the ISO/MPEG audio coding standards that are now widely used in broadcast and multimedia.


  • Unveils sound card range offering real-time simultaneous MPEG coding/decoding and mixing of compressed and linear tracks to the same physical output.


  • Goes public on the Second Marché of the Euronext stock exchange.
  • Opens Digigram Inc. to serve North America.
  • Presents the first professional sound card for laptop computers, the PCXpocket.
  • Offers a high-level application-programming interface (API), PCXtools.


  • Opens Digigram Asia Pte Ltd. in Singapore.


  • Introduces technologies for audio transmission via Ethernet in the NCX network audio terminal.


  • Introduces HitPlayer, professional networked audio appliance for IP networks.


  • Releases miXart range of multichannel audio processing and mixing sound cards based on PowerPC processor.
  • Releases EtherSound technology for audio distribution over standard Ethernet.


  • Presents Digigram Audio Manager software for management of multi-zone audio installations
  • First EtherSound™ installations


  • Digigram’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001 : 2000 by BVQI
  • Digigram presents eXaudi as the first IP audio streaming, processing, and routing system; and publishes a whitepaper on the integration of radio automation and IP networks


  • Digigram introduces UAX220, the first USB Audio interface specifically designed for broadcast and pro audio applications
  • The number of EtherSound™ licensees more than doubles. EtherSound becomes the audio networking standard for live sound with EtherSound connectivity available for 4 major digital live mixing consoles: Allen & Heath, DiGiCo, InnovaSON and Yamaha.


  • Digigram introduces Visiblu, a revolutionary audio processing and networking middleware developed specifically for building network-centric digital radio infrastructures.
  • Yamaha Corporation, Peavey and Crest license EtherSound™.


  • At IBC 2007, Digigram demonstrates that a true revolution can go from pure theory to practice in less than one year: four partner companies showcase innovative visiblu powered solutions.
  • Digigram’s flagship sound cards (both VX and PCX) now come in two flavors: PCI or PCI Express bus.


  • Official launch of IQOYA, a comprehensive product ecosystem of IP audio hardware equipment and software solutions for broadcasters.
  • Digigram also premieres PYKO, a range of professional IP Audio endpoints for a large scope of professional audio applications that need to distribute digital audio over shared IP networks, such as transportation, background music, paging, industrial and broadcast.
  • Introduction of LoLa, a brand new, state-of-the-art low latency sound card platform.


  • Digigram partners with Axia. Customers with both Axia Livewire™ and Digigram Visiblu®-based products or Software solutions will be able to directly interface both systems.
  • AQONDA unveiled at ProLight & Sound 2009: a new generation of EtherSound audio bridges.


  • Digigram launches its video-over-IP brand new range, with the introduction of the AQORD range dedicated to point-to-point contribution


  • Digigram joins RAVENNA. This manufacturers consortium is devoted to the proliferation of an IP based real-time Media network
  • Introduction of CANCUN, the first USB soundcard with up to 8 simultaneous Analog and AES/EBU in a high density casing and console-class audio quality.


  • Introduction of the AQILIM range of IP codecs for video distribution over the Web. AQILIM guarantees continuous live streaming to a content delivery network, addressing millions of viewers around the world using a smartphone, tablet, PC and Internet connection to get live video content


  • Introduction of the AES67 Audio over IP interoperability recommendation in all IQOYA range


  • Digigram introduces AQORD *HEVC video encoder, leveraging the high performance of HEVC/H.265 compression algorithm to allow streaming of Premium UHD content with affordable bandwidth requirements on contribution networks
  • Launching of LX-IP, the multichannel IP audio AES67 / RAVENNA soundcard,


  • Introduction of IQOYA *CLOUD, the first Cloud-based App providing real-time SIP infrastructure, configuration and monitoring for IP audio codecs


  • 2019 – ONE IP solution for remote broadcast released.