Discontinued VX cards

Discontinued VX cards are divided in several groups as follows:

  • VX222, VX222v2, VX222-Mic, VXpocket v1
    Drivers for these cards are included in the VXkit. These drivers are:
    a Wave driver.
    an ASIO 2.0 driver
    a WDM DirectSound driver

  • VX822v2, VX820v2,VX822v2
    Drivers for these cards are included in the VX822v2kit. These drivers are:
    a Wave driver.
    a Digigram np compatible driver
    an ASIO driver . Its installation is optional.

  • VX442
    Drivers for this card are included in this package: vx442_driver_5-10-00-5078
    This package includes a Wave driver, a DirectSound driver, and an ASIO driver, and can be installed under Windows 32 bits and 64 bits. It may be installed under Windows 7 and Windows 10, but we do not guarantee that it works fine.
  • VX442, VX222HR-MIC, VX222HR-S, VX442HR, VX822HR, VX882HR, VX881HR, VX880HR, VX1221HR, VX1222HR, VX-IP LW881e, VX-IP LW1221e, VXpocketv2, VXpocket440, VX Studio HR, VX Studio HR-Mic, VX820HR, VX1222HR


Audio dropouts can be experienced on some PCs under Windows 7 with discontinued cards supported by VXkit. This may be due to other devices in the PC (see procedure in the release notes), but also to the architecture of these discontinued cards.

We strongly recommend to test first the system before deploying it.

All the drivers for these sound cards are no longer supported.