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LX-DANTE – support

LX-­DANTE is a multi-channel linear PCM sound card which bridges professional audio software applications to Dante networks. Its main characteristics are the following:  

  • Provides 128 input channels and 128 output channels over Dante 
  • Designed to be used through ASIO under Windows, and Alsa under Linux
    Under Windows, the card is not visible via DirectSound/Wasapi. As a consequence, Windows does not display the devices of the LX-DANTE.
  • Automatically detected on the Dante network
  • Dante audio routing controlled through the Audinate Dante Controller software application
  • AES67 compatibility (1ms packets)
  • Mandatory 1 Gbit Ethernet connections
  • Supports Dante networks redundancy, thanks to its Primary and Secondary network ports
  • Works in PCIe 4x and faster slots

Supported OS 

  • Windows as of Windows 7
  • Windows Server as of Windows 2008 Server
  • Linux (from kernel 3.10.)
    The following distributions are supported
    – Ubuntu LTS
    – Debian LTS
    – CentOS 7

For other Linux distributions, we propose a service for providing an adequate compiled and installable driver package.

In addition to this service, you can subscribe to a one-year support service to get updated packages according to the new kernel versions released for your Linux distribution. 

Please contact Digigram support for more information.