ALP222e – support

ALP222e is a low-profile linear PCM sound card with two balanced line analog inputs with mic option plus one stereo AES3 input, two balanced analog outputs plus one stereo AES3 output. It is designed to be used under Windows (DirectSound / Wasapi / Asio) and Linux (Alsa). 

Drivers for Windows

The ALP-X Kit package for Windows allows installing the following components:

  • Driver with Wasapi interface
  • ASIO driver with its ASIO control panel (CPL)
  • Digigram ALP-X Manager application (I/O levels, I/O routing matrix, clock selection, …)

The supported Windows flavours are :

  • Windows 10 from version 20H2
  • Windows Server from version Server 2019
  • Windows 11

The ALP-X Kit for Windows and its release notes are available for download at the bottom of this page.



ALP cards are supported under the following Linux distributions, from the mentioned versions:

  • Ubuntu:
       ver. 20.04 – kernel 5.15
       ver. 22.04 – kernel 6.5
  • Debian 11 – kernel 5.10
  • Debian 12 – kernel 6.1
  • RHEL 9 kernel 5.14

In case you need to run the driver under another Linux distribution, please contact Digigram to get the source code. If  you experience issues for compiling / running the driver on your Linux distribution, we propose a service to provide you with the appropriate driver; please contact Digigram.

User manuals

Drivers / Firmware