IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 – Support

IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 is a stereo to multi-stereo IP audio codec dedicated to AES67/Ravenna studio infrastructures that can be used either in program distribution mode, or in live remote broadcasting mode. The working mode can be selected from the WEB GUI.

Distribution mode
IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 allows for multi-format/bitrate encoding and multi-protocol streaming of the inputs. Each input (mono or stereo) can be encoded in up to 8 formats/bitrates. Supported streaming protocols are RTP (raw, or with MPEG-TS encapsulation for DVB), Icecast/Shoutcast, HLS multi-bitrate.
3 decoding priorities are available per decoding instance, with automatic switching between priorities according to the availability of the audio source. Sound files and playlists can be saved to an SDHC card for local backup.

Remote broadcasting mode
IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 supports from one full-duplex stereo remote up to 8 full-duplex stereo remotes, or from 2 to 16 full-duplex mono remotes, or any combination of mono and stereo remotes in SIP, direct SIP, or symmetrical RTP. It is part of One IP,  the Digigram unified solution for control and monitoring of a fleet of codecs for remote broadcasting. One IP includes IP audio codecs, a secured SIP infrastructure and web applications.

Firmware updates

IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 firmware can be remotely updated from its WEB GUI. New firmware versions can be applied to units that are covered by a support and maintenance contract. Note that the subscription to the first level of  support & maintenance contract (“Bronze” level) is free the first year as of date of purchase of the units.


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