IQOYA CONNECT: Monitoring, remote control of codecs

The Master of the codec fleet challenge

Codecs aplenty? Excellent news for journalists who scour and roam on the field to report the news! However, back in the studio the codec fleet manager should work with powerful tools to configure, monitor and control this busy flock, like one good shepherd. 

Sitting in the master control room, the codec fleet manager will appreciate working with powerful tools that provide a clear, one-screen interface, that gathers all major data and enables direct and easy bypass access to take over on any remote codec, if needed. Of course, such tools should feature no risk of error or omission and reliable, resilient and secure connections. This is not a matter of comfort for the teams, this is more a matter of efficiency and credibility.

The solution 

IQOYA range aplenty! The IQOYA suite was designed to feature incredible versatility and accommodate the wildest broadcasting needs. Codec fleet manager, here is our cheat sheet for you: a combo of IQOYA codecs, gathered around the IQOYA CONNECT connection service and web platform. 

IQOYA CONNECT connection service establishes broadcast quality communications between IP codecs through the internet and our audio over IP infrastructure.

We have designed our own audio over IP infrastructure in order to supply our customers with reliable, high-quality audio, and secure communications and to enable interoperability with third party codecs.

It features a SBC from Oracle Communications to protect your codecs from intrusions. What is on-air only comes from your codecs. Guaranteed. 

The IQOYA CONNECT web platform allows the codec fleet manager to provision configurations for journalists and to configure studio codecs without the risk of inconsistency or omission. Safe, secure, simple. 

The IQOYA CONNECT web platform also features the monitoring of codec status and ongoing communications.


IQOYA CONNECT allows operators in the master control room to place and hang up calls using any call profile. They can also take control of the IQOYA TALK codecs in real time, should the journalist using the codec require assistance or need support to optimize the audio quality.

Benefits of the solution

Technicians like the IQOYA suite:

  • the consistent and simple configuration of all codecs on one screen.  Save your memory: no need to remember each codec’s IP address
  • they can prepare remote broadcasts ahead of live pressure 
  • they see it all! Techies have a one glance overview of what’s going on and they can act from anywhere
  • for its renowned reliability:
    • Highly available connection service,
    • Resilient communications
  • for its Safe and secure aspects:
    • Audio stream sources are authentified: you control what goes on air.
    • Journalists can only connect to the right destination.
  • for its very visual and intuitive web interface.

Journalists like the IQOYA Suite:

  • They are never alone in the field as technicians can take full control of the portable codec.
  • Upon leaving the studio, they pick one random codec and don’t have to worry about losing their personal audio preferences. Personal presets are recovered upon connection: feels like home.
  • They forget about any tech aspect to only focus on their job: create content.

Why broadcasters invest in the IQOYA Suite:

  • Cost effective: 
    • One codec fleet fits all journalists.
    • One technician in the studio supervises several journalists on the field. 
    • No need to design, install and maintain your own audio over IP infrastructure.
    • Interoperability with existing codecs to capitalize on existing equipment.
  • Flexibility regarding remote broadcast management

Learn more

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