Journalists can broadcast from home in times of lockdown with minimal equipment

While most of the world is on lockdown because of COVID-19 outbreaks, keeping connections has never been more important. Being in touch with our closest ones, look after our parents and friends, getting the news. To that end, technology has shown its tremendous support in keeping human links to cope with the pandemic.

Lockdowns also temporarily shut down offices and workplaces, while a large part of us still need to keep working. Amid healthcare and support staff that are needed in hospitals, essential people on the frontline also include supply chain specialists, carriers and supermarket staff to keep shelves afloat, as well as all the security and law enforcement canvas.

Essential yet are also the media. Although at Digigram our role is non-essential in times of pandemics and lockdown, the majority of our teams are safely working from home. However, we wished to contribute while adjusting to this new “normal” and support the work of journalists and radio media who ensure a regular news coverage – one strand of what makes the essential.

Whereas news anchors and reporters working from home do not always benefit from the necessary equipment to broadcast, we at Digigram decided to weigh in and accelerated the release of our smart, equipment-free IQOYA Guest solution

IQOYA Guest is Digigram’s simple web-based solution for conducting remote interviews of guests outside the studio, by just sending a link to their smartphones, tablets or computers. An early release of the IQOYA Guest service, nicknamed “Preview”, has been made available last week to audio professionals who need to host a show or broadcast from home with minimal equipment.

Designed for non-audio specialists, IQOYA Guest requires no app installation, no download or specific settings. Of course, our signature audio quality is embedded as always.

Although our IQOYA Guest was designed for non-specialists, we have accelerated its release to ‘hijack’ its primary purpose and offer it to reporters and journalists, as a smart and reliable alternative to operate from remote locations while respecting lockdown orders.

We mean to make broadcasting simple, even for experts. Implementing IQOYA Guest Preview allows us all to focus on what matters: keeping in touch with our close ones.

Because it has never been more important: stay safe, stay home