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Remote interviews with a smartphone


Workflows: IQOYA GUEST is used in the contribution workflow in particular for the following use cases:

  • Interview of remote guests in high fidelity audio,
  • Involve a remote guest in a talk show in high fidelity audio.

IQOYA GUEST is also used for the following related use cases:

  • Online music classes or music auditions,
  • Online private music lessons,
  • Remote simultaneous translation.



IQOYA GUEST is a solution to connect remote guests to the studio combining ease of use and audio quality. The guest receives an invitation containing a web link (a.k.a. A URL). A first click on the web link launches a web codec with a call button. A second click on the call button connects the guest to the studio in high fidelity audio. The guest has nothing to install. 

This solution was designed for remote interviews and talk shows with distant guests. But it is also perfectly suitable for online music classes, online music auditions, online  private music lessons, and remote simultaneous translation.

The solution also includes a tool to administer the web links (i.e. create, revoke, reactivate and delete them) and to send the invitations to the guests. This tool is part of the IQOYA CONNECT web platform.


At a glance

The guests are connected to the studio in two clicks either from their PC or from their smartphone. The connection is established in high quality audio thanks to IQOYA CONNECT connection service.

Key features

  • The guests are connected to the studio in high fidelity audio,
  • The guests have no installation to do,
  • The web codec launches from a web link received by the guest in an invitation email,
  • Compatible with the most popular web browsers on PCs and smartphones,
  • Includes a tool for administering the web links sent to the guests and for configuring the guests’ audio connections,
  • Automatic sending of email invitations. 


  • “Live sessions with IQOYA GUEST” module in IQOYA CONNECT.

Use Case 1: Only IQOYA GUEST in the studio

Use Case 2:  X/LINK or SERV/LINK in the studio


IQOYA GUEST within Digigram’s OneIP ecosystem 



For the guest:

  • Easy connection to the studio in 2 clics,
  • Visual and intuitive user interface,
  • Nothing to install,
  • Works on the most used platforms

For the producer and the broadcaster:

  • No more listener zapping because of poor audio quality.
  • Management of web guest links is very flexible.
  • Existing studio codecs can be used (EBU ACIP compatibility and OPUS codec required)
  • Reliable connections thanks to IQOYA CONNECT connection service