Wireless PEOPEO speaker for outdoors: Digigram power inside (electronic card design) 

Digigram’s 35 years expertise in the design and development of pro audio solutions has been key to build successful installations in many areas, ranging from radio broadcast to industry. However, we like to light a creative spark and use our expertise for custom designed projects where we thrive in achieving the unexpected: follow us outdoors as we provided support in the design and prototyping of the electronic card powering PEOPEO wireless speakers. 

Back in 2018, the Grenoble based startup PEOPEO (www.peopeo.io) released wireless speakers whose specific features address outdoorsy entertainment, hence featuring quite a powerful coverage. Our teams hopped on the project to provide support in the design and routing of the electronic card at the heart of the system. 

Digigram’s extensive experience in cards design, firmware and software development for pro audio was our main asset for this project. 

Digigram is a seasoned structure when it comes to manufacturing engineering and industrialization processes for electronic cards, therefore we supported PEOPEO in the components selection, procurement process and global subcontracting routine. 

A whole task force was gathered at Digigram, including professionals with tech or sales background, to work on this project and deliver.

The project and assignment

Our teams helped bridge the gap between the prototyping phase and the pre-series that involved some industrialization. The final product was to integrate: 

  • An APTX Bluetooth module
  • An Audio source switch (line / Bluetooth) 
  • A controller to manage the MMI and the volume
  • Power supplies

How Digigram helped

  • Scanned and examined the prototype to determine the source of audio static
  • Designed and selected the components plus drafted the design plan  
  • Created the CAD design and managed the overall components design
  • Built 2 validation prototypes through fast track local sources  
  • Built 5 industrial class prototypes 
  • Carried out audio measurements on the card, i.e. without amplifier 
  • Launched the pre-series manufacturing 
  • Gathered the Manufacturing files 

What’s in for our client?

  • We took their technical questions into consideration, namely batteries/power supply autonomy, connectivity and wise choice in terms of electronics for enhanced performances. We challenged them to reach effective solutions. 
  • By making this project collaborative, PEOPEO was eligible to receive specific public funding 

What the critiques said


Of course QOBUZZ tested the speaker and …

“ It must be said that this speaker features a solid and very powerful Bluetooth aptX amplifier with connectors, and embeds high end electronics and electroacoustic components for an audio rendering of pretty high level”.  

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