24/7 Radio with the automation Challenge

No matter what time you turn your radio on – there always is a show, music, or an interesting broadcast to listen to. Radio automation works wonders 24/7, but what is the secret?

For radio stations, as for many media industries, the challenge is often to combine diverging interests: grow and keep an audience with appealing programs running 24/7, hence maximizing revenues thanks to advertising – altogether with monitoring operating costs – i.e. optimizing the human presence behind the mic. Automating part of the broadcasting operations might save the day, but how to keep it secure, safe, and with high performance? 

Automating the streaming of critical revenue-generating advertisements while achieving a secure and safe audio signal transmission delivery provides an undeniably competitive advantage to the radio station in terms of efficiency and high performance. 

Digigram sound cards feature just the appropriate embedded functionalities to reliably stream automated radio ads, jingles, and similar signals for easy mixing and high quality transmission. Also, embedded time scaling easily enables production teams to tailor specific audio streams to transmission time requirements without sound distortion. Yes, this is fully tech but highly efficient.

The solution 

Because Sound cards have been our bread and butter since 1989, you can fully rely on Digigram to bring the most adapted solution to your automation needs: we have thoroughly explored the world of radio and broadcast and subsequently developed sound cards tailored to your needs. Digigram sound cards and related products help broadcasters to leverage IP and digital technologies to achieve flawless workflows hallmarked by outstanding audio and video reliability and quality. Digigram expertise and knowledge continue to act as the global driver for safe, secure, high-quality Audio-over-IP and Video-over-IP broadcasting.

Benefits of the solution

Trusted Performance

All Digigram sound cards are imbued with best-of-breed technologies hallmarked by:

  • Reliable, safe transmission of mission-critical audio streams
  • High-quality delivery of audio streams for superior audience satisfaction
  • Ultra-low latency to ensure your audience hears vital audio as it happens, our low-latency WasAPI, WDM DirectSound, ASIO, Linux and Core Audio drivers guarantee premium performance
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership yielding higher financial returns
  • Scalable and agile to meet broadcasters’ specific needs
  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Fully guaranteed – software updates are free of charge and available immediately upon the conclusion of our development, testing, and quality assurance program
  • Fully serviced – across the life of every Digigram Sound Card

Any Application

Digigram sound card innovation is a global enabler. With Digigram, broadcasters (and commercial organizations) reap new levels of flexibility, agility, and efficiency to better serve local and global audiences in increasingly competitive markets. Digigram sound card applications and capabilities include:

  • Recording – in studio or in the field
  • Production and editing – also enabling full automation and safe delivery of vital revenue-generating advertising
  • Time scaling – to meet specific scheduling requirements
  • Post-production
  • Archiving and logging
  • Public address,
  • Legal, transportation and all mission-critical industrial applications

Tailored Solutions

For high performance tailored applications, Digigram recommends that broadcasters work with our global network of Authorized Digigram Partners. Using the Digigram Software Development Kit, partners embed key functionalities into selected Digigram sound cards to meet exacting broadcast requirements.

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